Weekly Summary 12

I do not want to call the bad luck or to say that we are having a very light load and them get hit with a lot of work because it is almost the end of the semester and it is getting crazier. So please if you are the professor in charge of giving us homework just skip down and do not read the above part. Thank you…

This week was mainly dedicated to mashup and remix. We have to do 10 stars in mashup and 2 remix. For the mashup, I did The lord of the force where I combine The Lord of the Ring with Star Wars in one movie poster.   Another mashup is two mix to favorite websites or brand I mix the logo of Apple with the color of Windows. Another mashup I did was to create a video of our favorite actor, the only character that I can think that I like is Jacob from Twilight Saga where I mixed video of his transformation with some of his pictures.  The last mashup I did to complete stars is to get a very important or ionic album cover and modified in a way that it looks different. For this reason, I took the album cover of the Thriller by Michael Jackson and I added a flowers bouquet that was a present to my host character.  The two remix I did this week is Vine Remix where I took small videos using Vine during the day to illustrate a typical day at home. The last remix was Old Place in Pink, I did is assignment before were my host character visited the Nijoh Palace but in this case I have to make it pink.

We were prompted to do three daily create and they are linked below.

Daily Create:

This daily create was a little bit confusing, I think it is always confusing when it comes to poetry because it is difficult to me to create something in a language that is not my native language. However, I tried my best and I hope that people like it.

This daily create we had to decorate or modify a boring picture or scenery and make it interesting. I was doing synthesis that week for my chemistry class. For this reason, I took a picture of the synthesis setting and I added flowers, and some grass to make it more appealing.

This daily create asked to create another poem to explain our purpose of life.I do not know if I have a  big purpose in life, but I know what I am doing now, I may not to the exact end but I know that I am in the right path or at least it looks like it. I have dreams they may not be of great luxury or fame but they are simple wishes that will compliment my life.


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