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Dear Diary

September 8, 1989

Dear dairy;

Another boring day at the bottom of the ocean, how sweet will be to be able to walk the earth with the humans. I think it will be able to experience new thing and people may like me. Here, I am hated because I am octopus witch. I got a crystal ball and I can see what the little princesses are doing at the palace. Ariel,┬ácame today to ask me for a favor. AHHH!!! I do not do favors; she does not know it yet. She asked to be a human. OF course I did it, but I took her voice. She thinks that she can ┬ábe happy without a voice. Humans need it to interact with other people. If they see a person with a disability they pity that person. She will not be happy. Muahhh I want to see King Triton reaction when he does not find her little Ariel…. I have to go and find myself some more ingredients for my potions tomorrow because the little princess took almost everything…. It was worth it. But I also want to keep an eye on the palace, I want to see the commotion that will develop….


This assignment was to write a diary entry from the perspective of a Disney’s villain. This assignment is worth 3 points