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Favorite holiday.


My favorite holiday will be Christmas. Christmas beside that we celebrate the born of Jesus, is the time of the year that all my family gets together. It does not matter if they are across the continent, they gather together and we celebrate it. I started the tradition to take my little cousin (Allison) to buy a Christmas tree from the farms and put it together. We start celebrating Christmas on December 24 around 9 pm. My mothers and unties get together to get the cooking done. We are around 30 to 35 people on Christmas. So the cooking is big, we got pork, turkey, some tamales (maize cake fill out with meat or pork), rice, mashed potatoes, a cake, wine, homemade hot chocolate, paneton (sweet bread), and more. They start cooking early, while my little cousins and I start to put our ginger houses together (I started the tradition). Around 9 pm on December 24 we get together to have dinner, and we spend hours talking, playing games or watching movies. Around 11:45 pm my mother start filling champagne glass with champagne for the adults, and for the child ginger soda. Around 12 pm celebrate Christmas with a toast, and some words of the homeowner. The Christmas tree is barely visible because of the pile of present, everybody get a present from everyone.  We start to open our gifts, here is where the fun start. We love to play tricks when opening the present , the way we do it is either by wrapping the present really bad (a lot of layer) or we hide the gift in another present, and let them open the decoy. This process can take up around two hours or so. By now it will be around 2 am, we start listening to loud music (lol) and drinking at least the adults. My little cousins start playing with their games or they fall sleep. If the house where we are is big enough, we will spend the night in there and have breakfast in the morning. Or we will leave and come back for lunch the next day.

This assignment name Holifaves and it worth 2 1/2 star.