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Data of the Dead…

I hope that you will not read this my dear Anna. I wish to be the first one to leave because I would not be able to see you go. If by any chance your Uncle discover our marriage; he will kill me. I will die for our love, if this happen please tried to put flowers in my grave. If by any change he does not let you, ¬†light a candle for my soul. I will be doomed for marrying a child, but you are my love. ¬†Keep living, they will be someone else for you. I do not poses anything, I do not have cars, properties, or banks account. However, you took the only thing that I was not able to let go … my heart.

Please dear Anna do not cry for me for long cause it will not let me rest in peace.



This is a writing assignment of Data of the Dead, where a fictional character leave a will. Because of this week assignment, I had to link it to one of the reading, for this reason I choose Tony of Last Respect to leave his will. This writing assignment is worth 3 stars.