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Week 10 -Summary

Week 10 is focus in video but in a very diferent prespertive, we are reading the movies instead of watching. We are being more critical and we are starting to watch the movie and focusing more in the lighting, shooting angles, and if the video composing follows the rule of 3. For the video easy , I decided to review the pantry scene of The Shinning. The assignments for this week were all related to video and 4 star of video assignment needed to be related to the host character. The assignment that I created using my host character was The square Magical Diary commercial, the other two video assignment that I produce to satisfy the 10 start was Singing words, and video copilation of person skiing downhill.

Daily Create:

Monday: For this dc we have to create an add, I decided that big foot lost one of his boot and he is looking for it. I am really bad at drawing   and it does not look like a boot at all.


Tuesday: I think this dc is about a place that makes me feel comfortable, my comfortable place is sitting on my carpet drinking coffee while doing homework.

Wednesday: We have to create a board game using just one paper. I remember to play a game in my phone where we have to help the avatar to go through obstacle  either by jumping or putting something so he does not fall.

Thursday: We have to do a hirigami and I mistake it by origami so I did a origami of a ghost it was pretty good even though it was a mistake.

Friday: We have to narrate a movie in one minute or 30 seconds, so I describe the movie Safe Haven is a book as well as movie by Nicholas Sparks.



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Week 7- Radio show planning

I thought this week was going to be smooth because Fall Break starts TODAY :). However, as the week  rolled down it became a little more stresfull and with a lot of thing to do; no only for the radio show but also for other school work.

This week was pretty light in assignment because the main focus was to start planning and creating audio for the radio show. We were prompted to create a poster, bumper sticker, logo, radio show bumper, and a commercial for the radio show.  We have come a long way in our brainstorm process and we have make some audios already that will be use for the radio show.

We were required to complete 10 start in audio assignment; so I decided to do the followings:

Movie as a radio which is worth 3.5 star we had to put the soundtrack of a movie in 10 minutes track. I choose The Other soundtrack because is one of the movies that we are going to showcase in the radio show.

DS106 Radio Commercial which is worth 3.5 start we had to create a commercial either based on a character of a movie or our host character. I create the Magical Spehere Diary to help to keep track of important memories of some person. We may be able to use this for the radio show but John and I came up we a pretty good idea for another radio commercial that I am working on it right now.

Favorite Song which is worth 3.5 stars and I had to remove the lyrics from my favorite song. There is one person who guess it correctly and it is Strip it down by Luke Bryan. It took me a little while to get it right removing the vocals is no so easy to do .

Emotion through Sound i worth 3.5 stars and we have to convey a feeling just using sound. I tried to convey the feeling that I get after a yoga class. All the audio came from Freesound.org

One thing that I was not so sure about it this week is about the daily create. I was not sure if we did not have to do it at all or we just did not need to post three of them in the blog. However, I decided to do them because I am a creature of habit.











One of the requirement this week is to comment 10 times. So I am attaching the comments that I did 🙂

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Weekly Summary 5-Audio

The topic for this week was AUDIO. Audio is a powerful tool that can transmit a lot of information and emotions. Way before television we got the radio which was used to entertain people and to transmit information. During this week I got the opportunity to play around with Audacity. Audacity is an audio manipulation software which allow you to have multiples track open in the same window. It was very intuitive so by trial and error I got familiar with the   software.  I use Audacity to do all my assignment this week.  One of the assignment this week that I choose was the Spooky sound which was a pretty easy task at the beginning. I had to put spooky sound, which could see easy but there were so many to choose from that I could not decided. Another assignment was Austin-My Version were I had to sing the song three times and them using a software integrate all three in one track. However, I had to make one normal, the other right and the other left. It sound it like a bad trio trying to sing country song.  One of the assignment that everyone had to complete was to create a story using sound only. I call my French Soldier. This is a true story of my friend  Repsag, my foolish friend fall in love with a French Soldier. Repsag was beginning to study the ability of a human to be immortal (foolishness), and because she felt in love with this soldier she tried to made him immortal. It actually worked it, he was alive but he was not the same. He was thirsty for human flesh….well continue reading the post for more information.

We were also prompted to listen to DS106 radio from 9 to 10 pm, It was really good. I listened to it on Wednesday and I got hooked and I also did on Thursday. If they are always narrating stories I will keep listening to it. I participated in a live tweet, I made quite a few put the  one for Wednesday’s night. This story had everything you can ask for a horror movie. The story for Thursday’s  night was even better we got a crazy pyro couple of a housewife and fire investigator.

As we were introduce to DS106 radio, which I believe it would be better to do it earlier because it is quite good. We were asked to made a radio bumper. I hate to speak in public but I guess is no so bad if nobody is in front of me. I made my radio bumper with some latino song , a bachata song. Why bachata? I was listening to it while doing my homework so why not. It can be so weird how your voice sound when is recorded. I can not imaging how bad it sound in karaoke.

Also, we were prompted to brainstorm ideas for a radio show. My idea for a horror radio show is to pick top 5 horror movies since 2000 and 5 worst horror movies since 2000. If we can fix more than 10 it will be amazing. I think that we also had to tell the audience why we believe that movie deserve to be in top or worst 5.

The Last Laugh, it was amazing (in a horrific way) it was pretty good, while I was reading it i keep the sound in my head. In this case, I choose the first page to made sound or to think about the sound. I decided that at the beginning while he is sitting a nice violin melody playing softly in the background and when he goes inside the examination room maybe a faster violin music. The reading this week was, I will apologize, boring… I am not a fan of Aliens or any of the movies that have a grotesque scene, it made them look unreal and gross. We also had to listen to Moon Graffiti is an audio of the men in the moon. It was pretty catchy and with a little bit of suspense because they did not know if they will be able to come back to earth. The part I like about this audio is the beep and how the astronaut describe the moon. It gave you a sense of being there because they describe it in details so we can imaging what it looks like. I took it as a narrating what were doing kind of what a pathology do when they are dissenting organs or object that came from the body. They were describing their experience, and we can get a feel of their emotion because of the intonation that they were using in the recording.

The daily creates this week were easier, faster and entertaining. Here are the daily create for the week:

Saturday This daily create was to create a block poem. I dedicated to the moon and choose that shape. It was quite easy to find a page that will do the shape for me.

Sunday We had to create a story using 5 photos. My story was a little bit to tragic because she died after running in the rain from pneumonia.

Monday I put stars to my hand….It put a lot of them with different colors and size using Paint.

Tuesday Merida takes a walk in Abbey Road. She was tired of the forest and she took a trip ….however, she did not left her bow at home….

Wednesday Elephant in my latte. This daily create made me remember that I did not have coffee that day which made it a crappy day. Why an elephant.? No idea I just decided that I need an elephant in my imaginary coffee.

Thursday I choose what it looks like a war-meeting between chinese and some soldiers. I decide to put a computer in the table  because we had to put something modern in something old. I though that a laptop is because it can do a lot for warfare either in favor or against you.

Friday talking like pirate…I google some pick up lines for a pirate. I decide to put some background music of pirates. I will be a crappy pirate.