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Week 13 Summary

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The final project, which I do not remember it was on the syllabus but that was so long ago that I do not remember. My plan for my final project, is to make the compilation of things photos, letters, video, voice, and other of things that narrates the story of my host characters. I think it will be like a biography ¬†of the host character. There are some assignments that I can integrate into the video and some that I will have to create. For this week, I created two pages of a ‘diary’ that I came across. I have to sit and think of a way that I am going to handle it but I at least have a goal. ūüôā

Week Six-Design

One more week down, and I different topic than last week. This week topic was design, which at the beginning I thought it was boring and simple. However, after reading the guide  by Vignelli I really appreciate all the work that is done. Design is not as easy as it look because they have to think of everything. We also had to do a DesignBlitz with photos and then explain why we think it fit in the categories. It was pretty interesting because a couple of my photos I think could fit in different categories. I still do not know if I did that assignment correctly so I am looking forward for feedback.

We also, had the choice of movie this week. I choose Black Sabbath which contains three different stories. This week we focus on design and it can be applied to a movie. A movie is not just the actors and the script, it also have scenography, clothing, accessories, and furniture which all make contribution to the total product.

One of the assignment we were prompted to do was True Love. My friend Repsag helps me with this assignment. She share of her many love stories.

This week we had to do 12 star design assignment. I tried my best to be creative. One of them was a newspaper joke which I have to create newspaper and generate a fun news. I choose to reveal the real identity of Peter Parker, who is my dog Parker. Another design assignment I decided to do was to create a maze. I went online and I found a maze generator. I am not a pro in Photoshop so I used MS Word to put a background  to my circular maze. Who I am? is another assignment were I used the letter of my name to describe me; and I also attached pictures to each of my qualities. One story/ Four Icons is an assignment I had to describe a movie in just four icons. By the way the name of the movie is one of the Harry Potter series; can you guess which one?.

Daily create this week; were found and they were mainly photographs and design. My favorite daily create of the week was the combination of logos

Saturday: I really do not know the point of this daily create; I just follow and sample that I found with one of the picture I took when I was spending the night at my friend house.

Sunday: I have to create a road sign. I think this road sign should be post it in Jepson building were the chemistry labs are located.

Monday: We have to combine our favorites logos. For this one, luckily I was drinking coffee while I was doing my hw. So I combine a picture of the Starbuck logo eating the Apple.

Tuesday: we have to draw what we bought that day, and because it was a Tuesday and my only day off school I did some grocery shopping for the week. I need to learn how to draw because the water bottle is on top of my lettuce.


Wednesday: We have to take a photo of something that will look interesting upside down. I choose to do my coffee mug and I applied some effect to the picture.

Thursday: We have  to  describe what light time saving makes to us. For me I hate to wake up  and see that it is dark outside. My body think that is still time to be sleeping.

Friday: We have to take a picture of what is outside a window. I was walking back home from the Jepson Center and I found a window (yupi) and I snapped a picture with my cell phone, it is like a mini pond outside.