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As technology progress our communication skill will increase with them. I think  the invention of the internet, computers, and any other electronic device that can capture, send or keep information has help us develop a need to express ourself either using Facebook, twitter, blogs and other. However, I think the need of personal interaction should not be decrease by the technology as we can see nowadays. A good sample is a group of friends hanging out at a restaurant but instead of talking to each other; they are on the phone looking through social media.

Slender man, the first time I heard about him is when we got lost coming from Pennsylvania after paintball. My husband told me I hope we do not see the Slender man. I was like what are you talking?… Well, I think that digital storytelling made the slender man someone who will be talk by generations. Digital storytelling made a one men’s idea into something big by collaborating either adding into the myth or by producing so-called evidence of his existence. I think that is a traditional storytelling introduce into a new medium. The capacity of this new medium (internet) allows the information to be spread quickly and to get distorted too. But the same happen in oral storytelling. Whenever a myth was recite to children and adult by the elder he or she will introduce his/her own opinion or interpretation of the myth. Sometimes, he or she will add up details to make it more believe so it stick to the audience.
“Open-Sourcering Horror” was quite interesting, it explains and try to follow the creation of the slender man. It shows how each person helped to develop a character that will be talk about it for a while. However, it also teaches the readers that we should not believe everything that we see on the web because sometimes (almost all the time) will be created by someone else (lie).
“Web 2.0 Storytelling” gaves a good example of how some social medias can be used to be creative and not only to be disrespectful (bullying) or by committing crimes. In this chapter, the authors tries to explain who different people tried to create a stories by using either blog, Facebook, or twitters account. They will try to made it as real as possible. It also explain, how some people can come together and try to put a story together without knowing each other. This event, is quite a job because it can united people together to work for the same goal.
I do not think that digital and storytelling are that much different. Both of them have the job of passing down information, tales or myths. However, I see storytelling as something more social than the digital version, because the traditional storytelling required a gathering of people who will spend time with each other while listening to the elder.