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True Love

Summer of 1938, Caroline (aka Repasg) is currently a nurse in North Carolina. She arrive two years before to a small town in NC where she meet her 10th love Noah. She fell in love with him at first size. He was sitting behind him in mass, but she could feel the stares in the back of her head. She turned and found this good-looking guy, nice proportions staring at her with a big smile. She turn back to continue to pay attention to the mass. At the end of it, Noah approached her and they start dating.

December 1941, after the attack to Pearl Harbor, Noah enlisted in the army. He left Caroline in North Carolina waiting for him.

Some time passes, the news were not good, a lot of death bodies kept arriving, and some did not even appeared . She used to receive letters from Noah, but all the suddenly they stopped coming. However, she did not stop caring.

After several months, maybe 1 or 2 years had passed, she was sitting in her porch reading a book when she see a shadow approaching her. She could not believe it….Noah after all this months in her home, in front of her.

She runs as fast as she could, and the only thing she could do was to kiss him.

Noah: I am back!!!

Caroline: I can see that…

Noah: Please tell me, that I am not late…

Caroline:  for you-she pokes him in his nose -I do not care about time.

Noah: confused- I am on time?!

Caroline: yes silly, but I am not planning on waiting more for you anymore.

Noah: Will you marry me?

Caroline: She kiss him, and he hold her tight and lift her. Yes , I will.

At that moment someone snapped  a picture of the romantic moment Caroline lived, and it was handed down to her as a wedding gift.


For this assignment, we had to find a picture of a lovely couple in an lovely moment. We had to create a back story and a dialogue.

This  old picture it looks like the picture of the soldier when they came back home to meet their families. This photo is black and white (a little yellowish too) which give the impression of an old photo and because it fit my host character personality and history; I decided to used it. Also, the picture is simple, there is not a lot going in the background which gives the main focus to the emotion of the couple. As, I had said before the love story of soldier and a lady is the most common story that you can find, but it can also be the more complicated and with a lot of emotion. Service man can be one day with you and next day they can be deployed and depending on the situation (war or not) you may see them soon or no see them at all.

My love for my pets.

pet collage


This assignment consist of taking photos of your favorite animals or your pets. It is worth  3 1/2 stars.

I got two cat, the fluffy grey  is Zeus, and the stripes one is Loki (like Norse God) and the dog is a mix of Labrador with German Shepherd and his name is Parker. Parker was a rescue dog from Atlanta. He is very active dog, and he is always so happy to see me.

Bucket List



For this assignment called The Bucket List worth 3 1/2 start. I had to create a collage of by bucket list.

1.- I want to take a trip to Europe just to go and see churches and cathedrals. I am not crazy, I took an art history class and half of it was about churches and cathedral in Europe. I want to go and take pic of them.

2. My dad is always bothering me about rafting, so I will like to go with him at least once and life to count it.

3.- I want to go to a haunted house. I am a coward but I think I can handle it if I got company.

4.- Finally, I will like to go for a hot air ballon ride. I will like it to be a forest and some mountain nears somewhere like Oregon will be nice.