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Week 2- Summary

Where to begin? my mailbox was full of spam, it was so annoying. I am feeling a little more comfortable with the class and when I saw the week assignment post this week I did not freak out as I did in week one. However, this week was challenging. It challenges my Photoshop ability and coloring inside the lines. I can say that daily create is motivating me and is the first thing I look at in the morning. They always have something different for us to do. The movies (videos) were something else this time; at least Amelia gave me goosebumps and it was so creepy to see Amelia teeth at the end and the position in which she was waiting for her mother(see link for my review). My blog is looking good (I guess) and I will work a little more in the background design this weekend. I also got a new computer so I am transitioning between the two.

The second week in DS106 was pretty good and enjoy and I keep learning. This week I read to articles about the collaboration of social media in creating new myths as the Slender man(see link for my review), or others. Also, how people can collaborate in creating something new without the need to be in contact because of the internet. My assignment I try to mix it a little bit a did a video reaction, Photoshop scene of Star Wars and V, and finally I created my personal fan fiction character JulNi( is a mix of my parents name).
 During the process of writing my summary I found out that I could link my previous post without opening another webpage with my blog lol. My daily create twitter will be post below.:
Saturday This daily create was my first attempt to Photoshop not bad.
Sunday Second attempt to Photoshop, need improvement but I am working on it.
Monday These one was fun, I had never seen a webpage where you can write everywhere, took me a couple of minutes to figure it up.
Tuesday Rambo meets Bambi…my husband was laughing so bad about this one specially because Rambo has purple pants.
Wednesday I took the scene of Wedding Crashers. UK slang was kind of complicated and it made me realize who difficult could had been to collaborate in a digital story as example in the Web 2.0 Storytelling because it took me a little bit of time to transform someone else work,
Thursday I do not eat toast, I do not have a toaster at home. So I basically google someone else toast and put a care bear in it.
Friday I do not remember the name of the place but I believe it was on 2010 in Pennsylvania. We, my family and me, to celebrate the fact that I was the first female in the family to finish college and been accepted to University for a major in Chemistry.