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Story Shape-Last Respect

The Last Respect comic was a roller coaster of emotion, I felt, normal when he enter the graveyard. Then the emotion grew a little more when he started asking  Anna for direction to the tomb. My emotion started to pile up, I think it was a mix of everything when the door to the mausoleum open by itself. Then I hit a flat phase when Tony started to narrate about the day with Anna at the festival. The excitement (suspend)  grew a little bit more when I notice that he was her chauffeur. Then we hit another flat while Tony and Anna meet at the garage. Another high point is where the Uncle notice Anna came back and they started to fight. Then the excitement went downhill when she die and we get to know that Tony could not see her. Then in the panel where we can see Tony in grave and the water running the excitement(suspense) grew (a lot). It grew even more when the door did not open and all the water kept coming in. Then there is a flat period again , and it is when he started to knock and knock and not answer. Then the excitement grew even more when we could see the engraver came to deliver the plaque and saw Tony death. Even more excitement when he said that the bones where next to him (this is because she would not been bones only if she had just die). When the engraver said that the formaldehyde was poison the excitement hit the limit for the comic and it also the end.

I think if we where to create a video of the story shape  instead of writing it. It will be awesome, for this reason, I created my video. Hope you enjoy it.