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Radio show Bumper

One of the requirement for the preparation for the radio show is to create a radio bumper. I decided that my friend Repsag, who is better at speaking than I am; will introduce my radio show. So, she recorded the speaking part and I put my imagination to work and added the background audio. For this I decided that I want the public to know that Repsag is inside or coming inside;so I added the sound of the door opening. Then I put the sound of some ghost so that it can give a special feeling to the space that she is doing the recording. Also, at the end; I decided to use the same door sound to let the audience know that she is leaving.


Radio show poster

This assignment was to create a radio poster for the radio show we are working on. I choose to do something simple that will leave something to the imagination of the readers. For this reason I choose shadows, as to represent the broadcasters. Also, I said that we are going to present the best and the worst of 15 years of horror movies but I haven’t said which movies we are going to present because if ¬†I do; the readers or the listener will not show interest in the show because they can go online and find the reviews for the movies on their own. I am trying to follow the guidelines giving by ¬†Vignelli to keep it simple with the same time of letters and just changing the size, the color was chosen as orange because a black color will be miss in the poster.


This is my bumper sticker. I know I have seem them around before but I have never pay attention to them. So what I did is to use some of the shadow from the poster and add the name of the horror show, and increase the size of the radio name so people who see it will be prompted to tune the radio.


The logo for our show is shown above. I decided to do something simple and combine it with a little bit of Halloween spirit so I put three pumpkin head. I decided to do it in blacks and grey because we can put a nice or bright color as a background.