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During this assignment I had to use Photoblitz and accumulate photos of some task asked in 20 minutes. Some of the object were :

Something to measure: measuring cup

Hand: … self explanatory

Pattern:…. the first one is my bed cover, and the second one is pencil case

Something dominating by yellow: my sneakers have a bright yellow

Something the represent Wilderness: I have some molecules structures.. that is wild.

A closed up something common: I had an eraser near by.

Something ugly and make it adorable: Something ugly is my desk is a mess and I made it cute by adding that orchid.

It did actually took me 20  minutes to find  picture. We see this object so many times a day, but whenever we are asked to take a photo of something. We do not think of the most normal things first.

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  • An instrument that measures something
  • Take a photo that emphasizes the detail of a human hand
  • Something commonly considered ugly and make it heart-breakingly beautiful.
  • Take a close up photo of an object with unique texture or pattern; make us guess what it is.
  • Yellow is an attention-getting colour. A photo is dominated by yellow.
  • Take a picture that represents wildness.
  • Take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object.