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Arachnophobia….and yours?

I will keep in mind to watch any movie from this class from now on during the morning or whenever my hubby will be at home at night. It was scary but the good scare. It is the fear of not knowing what is going to happen instead of jumping because of the sound effect. Also, let me tell you that I am really bad with names, so I do not remember the name of the actors sorry…

I think all of them plays a little bit about our the mental state of the main actor as our natural fears, and how payback can take a lot of different forms.For example, On “Amelia” and “The Doll” the theme came as pay back of past action. “The Doll” the uncle was cursed because he kills the guy’s brother (I think), and them before the death of the uncle he send him a doll of himself. In “Amelia” first let me tell you that I will never buy something like that not even for a gift. Second, I see it as waiting for the mother to come after the possession was brilliant because it let you imagine what she is going to do to her. I think that the main character, receive pay back because she cancel her plan with the so-called boyfriend  just because of the mother. The “Living Doll” I think that is more like and open-ended question because everyone can take the end as one likes it. For example, I do not think that she was enclosed in the video tape or film, but I think that she decided to live in her own world. In other words she went insane because the reality that she was living was not one that she will wanted to live. I think the event that let me to think this was because we can see how his friend found the scarf that she threw in the film.
I think that the element that makes these stories scary is that we can reflect on them. It means that we have something that we don’t want to lose or change as in the case of the main actress in Living Doll. Also, we have something that we have done because is was orders and it may went against our believes like the uncle in “The Doll” and his is paying it  back. “Amelia” is kind of confusing at least for me because I can see it as payback because she is going to murder her mother at the end, so is payback to the mother. But I do not see it how or why is the main actress in fault of anything to deserve to be possessed. However, if you buy something creep and scary like that what can you expect.
I think the three videos were quite good and deliver they point of view, however; there are not two people who will get to the same point separate. So each of us will see the good, and bad of these movies separate
My phobia will be arachnophobia and it is because as child I was bitten twice by spiders, and it wasn’t pleasant at all.