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Boardwalk Lady ghost

In one of the many email that I received from my friend Repsag. She  send me this creepy photo.



The email goes as follows.

Dear Melissa,

I am currently passing some quite time in a small town in New Jersey. I have rented a town house that is four house up the shore. I am spending my days reading in my porch and watching my neighbor’s cats. Well, let me tell you Melissa, what happen after hurricane Irene. I am not scared of anything, you know that better than anyone. But after hurricane Irene, I went for a walk just after the storm passed. It was early in the morning, and I think I was the only one awake at the moment and crazy enough to be walking in a deserted beach after a hurricane. It was a mess, the boat that usually are on water where on land around 2 meter in land. The beautiful boardwalk was gone or filled with sand. It was a disaster. However, it did not bother me is the price that mankind pay when building near a shore. But, something that shock me little was a weird figure I saw through my camera lens (yes I am adapting to technology). It was semi transparent lady figure. It gave me goose bumps. I am sure it was not something normal. I started asking my neighbor about any weird thing that may happen around here. He said that before, just when New Jersey shore was for vacation purpose only.  There was a girl who was vacationing with her family, and she met with a local boy. My neighbor said it was a summer romance but it lasted for a couple of years. The story said that one summer during War World II this girl came to meet her lover but she did not find him ( he volunteer to fight for his country). She  did not know the fact that he was at war, and she wait for him at the spot where they used to meet in secret. She waited for him, it did not matter if it was raining, sunny, dark, cold, she waited for him. The story said that after a thunderstorm some vacationers found the body of a girl who had been hit by a thunder.

My neighbor said the tree( the one next to the ghost and it was put in there a few decades ago)  is the place  were they used to meet to observed the ocean, and spend time talking to each other.   Every time that is raining, or after a storm,  girl figure tends to appear in  that spot. It looks like she is watching the ocean waiting for him to come for her.

I hope you enjoy the story, I did really wanted you to know about because I know you hate anything relating with terror and more especially ghost. So enjoy…..