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Lord Of the Force


This Mashup assignment is worth 3.5 stars and we are asked to put two similar movies into one poster. I used the Lord of the Ring poster and incorporate Star Wars into the poster by changing Ring for Force and adding some of the Star Wars character into the poster as well as some light sabers. I am a huge fans of Star Wars so I am really excited about the new movie coming up. I have my tickets and I hope not to be disappointed. Back to the poster…. I used Photoshop to do some of the change and my cousin give me some ideas of how to do it.

Vine Remix

This assignment is worth 3 stars and it asked me to make different videos in vine and put them all together in one video clip. I use my cellphone to do the vine videos and then I went online to get the video download to my computer and them upload them to YouTube.  I used the vine of me doing my DS106 homework, then making coffee, cleaning the sink that it always appears full, and the GPS that was going crazy.






I want first of all give credit to the creator of Twilight saga (movie) because I do not own the clip that I am using.

This assignment which is worth 3 stars asked us to create a video clip of our favorite character. I like Jacob, is the only character that I can like, I am sorry Edwards fans I do not like him one bit, and I am not a super fan of the Jacob either but he wins.  So for this assignment I use iMovie and I used one clip that I found in YouTube and some photos that I download from google, and using iMovie I added some music in the photo so that the transition between video clip and photo is  not silence void.

V changes his daggers for laser….

I grew up watching Star Wars. My dad is a big fan and he is currently waiting for the new movie. I also love Star Wars, I remember once my brother and I tried to watch all the episodes together (we couldn’t). Another of my favorites movies is V for Vendetta. I like how everything start confusing and all of the sudden it makes sense. However, it took some time (I do not remember how many times I had watched it before it make it sense). I think that if V was part on the Star Wars series he would use two light sabers and he will be fighting. So, I took V and I try to put it into a dessert battle scene of Star Wars. I hope you like it, so enjoy



This does not belong here assignment worth 2 points