REPSAG–Host character

TIME… is my worst enemy;

flowers are annoying,

life itself is annoying and boring,

My name Repsag, I had live countless of decades, seen countless of nation to be form and be destroyed just because humans can not get it together. They do not learn from their mistakes.  At the beginning I tried to be indifferent they died and I continue on. I did not care. A couple of decades ago I started to care and that is my downfall. I got affected by them I started to care for the new generation. I keep moving to different part of the world, and I became everything, a doctor, lawyer, chemist, teacher, sailor, student, baker, soldier,nun,  singer, a clerk,  and so many more that I do not remember. At each town I visit; I  learn from their tales (folklore) and I tried to teach  them to live in   peace. For last couple of years, human life has been peaceful but I can see the starting of chaos forming. Something evil that is boiling… They can not see it coming, but I have seen the same pattern a couples of times already.

You may ask yourself about my appearance, and I will said that I have been or acted as so many people who I can not describe a self anymore. I will said I am your average girl, I do not have anything in particular that will make me stand-off the crowd.  But I will let you imagine my appearance… because that will make you curious about me and my stories.