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Final Project-Last week of classes….

Well, it was fast and painful…. sometimes. It was a good first semester and last fall semester as undergrad hopefully. It was a great class and a different at the same time. This class took me to bring my creative side which is not so big , to work for the content of the class. However, I enjoy every last minute of this class and how you were free to compose as you like with the assignment and the host character.

For my final project which I think is a short video (almost 4 minutes) where I borough most of my old assignment related to my host character and I made a mini documentary about my host character. I though it will be easy work but it was harder to do. One of the characteristic of my host character is that she have live for  a long time which make it a little difficult and easy to do a biography. It was easy because I was not limited but hard because I need to be careful with the chronology of the country and important event that occur in those years. For this reason I limited my self to some country where important historic event took place, and some are just because I like those country. For this project, I used GOOGLE Image for the pictures, Wikipedia (I know is wrong to used it but it was easy to find what was going on in a country  using Wikipedia); I also used iMovie and some of the sound effect that comes with the software.. Once I got all my pictures, I put it in chronological order, and then, I did a little bit of research to find important events to fit into my video. I know we have to include horror in some way into the project. For this reason; I created a newspaper article saying that my host character die during a fire. I know is not to horrific but I guess it will do.  I also created some fake diary entries and put some sound effect to the video.

I will leave you with my documentary and I hope you enjoy.

It was a pleasure to be in this class and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!