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Have fun…

The most important thing to remember when taking DS106 is to have fun and that you are never wrong you just make it in a different way. I learn a lot through out this class, I am a very shy person and this class took me out of my comfort zone. Another advice, do not leave work or the assignment for Friday night. If you can do one each day at the end of the week you are done and you just have to post your weekly review. Take notes of the days due… The professor are really nice and forgiven but we should abuse as I did forgetting to post my showcase and the last  TDC. If you are ever stuck in a assignment because you do not know if you are doing it right…JUST DO IT…. is not that you are wrong…but your creative side is different which is good.

ENJOY, HAVE FUN, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT….. I think are the best advice that I can give student for the next semester