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Week 7- Radio show planning

I thought this week was going to be smooth because Fall Break starts TODAY :). However, as the week  rolled down it became a little more stresfull and with a lot of thing to do; no only for the radio show but also for other school work.

This week was pretty light in assignment because the main focus was to start planning and creating audio for the radio show. We were prompted to create a poster, bumper sticker, logo, radio show bumper, and a commercial for the radio show.  We have come a long way in our brainstorm process and we have make some audios already that will be use for the radio show.

We were required to complete 10 start in audio assignment; so I decided to do the followings:

Movie as a radio which is worth 3.5 star we had to put the soundtrack of a movie in 10 minutes track. I choose The Other soundtrack because is one of the movies that we are going to showcase in the radio show.

DS106 Radio Commercial which is worth 3.5 start we had to create a commercial either based on a character of a movie or our host character. I create the Magical Spehere Diary to help to keep track of important memories of some person. We may be able to use this for the radio show but John and I came up we a pretty good idea for another radio commercial that I am working on it right now.

Favorite Song which is worth 3.5 stars and I had to remove the lyrics from my favorite song. There is one person who guess it correctly and it is Strip it down by Luke Bryan. It took me a little while to get it right removing the vocals is no so easy to do .

Emotion through Sound i worth 3.5 stars and we have to convey a feeling just using sound. I tried to convey the feeling that I get after a yoga class. All the audio came from Freesound.org

One thing that I was not so sure about it this week is about the daily create. I was not sure if we did not have to do it at all or we just did not need to post three of them in the blog. However, I decided to do them because I am a creature of habit.











One of the requirement this week is to comment 10 times. So I am attaching the comments that I did 🙂

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Late Pirate Talk day

For todays daily create we had to record us talking like pirate. Well female pirates were not allow. So I think I would had to be in disguised and trying to pick up some beauties so that no body could suspect me of being a girl. My pickup line would be

Avast me, proud beauty wanna know my Roger is so Jolly?Ya know darling Im 97 percent chum free…..

They are so bad pick up lines, and I am sure I did not have any luck at all.



Elephant in my Latte….

The tweet today was about art in our latte or coffee. For this daily create I decided to put an elephant in my latte. I was thinking in putting in my coffee, but I wake late and I did not have coffee today. I choose an elephant because  I saw a daily create yesterday that used a elephant so I decided to continue it.


Crossing Abbey Road

For today daily create we had to do some manipulation with picture and decide who character we wanted to cross Abbey Road. I decide to use Merida the princess of the Disney movie Brave. I choose Merida because  I think that she does not belong in that scenario so it will look different and it also wanted to challenge my photoshop skill.


Best of Week Four

Hi, Mama Tavia and Death Whisperer

Have you seen the daily creates twits this  week?

I was looking into my friend’s Melissa twitter account and I found a photo of an lady. It was a tweet from Kaitilin Geckle  

The photo looks like an old photo, I even like the border of the photo because it looked like stain. I remember the first picture I took when I was a photographer, it was taken upside down…urrrgghhhh…. I mean the I read it somewhere that it was the way it used to be. Anyways that link took me to different pictures that were pretty good. But I liked this one. 

I know what you mean Repsag, I found myself (Mama Tavia) scrolling through a friend of mines Cherish’s blog  after doing some snooping. Everyone knows how you start on one persons page and then you somehow end up on like their cousin’s brother’s friends page right? Well, I somehow ended up on Alexis Zirpmoulis’ blog “My Frightening Tales.” While lurking through her blog I came across her bucket list  . To me her bucket list was small but each four were great bucket list items. My favorite was “to graduate.” I think this was my favorite because it is often overlooked as an accomplishment. I like how she started out explaining how to chose these four from a list of many, as well as each explanation for them. I remember when I wrote my bucket list and I can honestly say, I didn’t actually sit down to think of anything I just kind of started typing.

Hello there fellow horror hosts,

I have come out of the shadows and nightmares to pay respects to two others who have shown me some rather haunting images. The first is from a blog known as Death by Digital Storytelling. As I am already dead, I enjoyed that you will soon by joining me into the darkness. You chose for the paranormal photo a chilling shadow and made a story for it. It gave me chills and I am a shadow myself. To see how much detail you put into making the photo more realistic..well that just made it even more enticing to read. I can’t wait to see what is in store for you Ellen. I know that one day we will meet in your dreams.

 This is Mama Tavia again, along with my lurking shenanigans once again. I happened to stumble across Ms. Clara Hope and her blog . I saw one of her posts where she altered the hues of the photo and thought they were pretty cool, I know whenever I take a photo I tend to play with colors and filters; just to end up with the original photo as is. Here is her photo  . I know a lot of people go to the river and take pictures, maybe I’ll try it sometime before it gets any cooler. Thanks again Ms. Clara Hope for you inspiration.

 This was a one to scare children at night. My favorite thing to do! It had taken a sweet and innocent girl and made her into a monster! With sharp teeth and eyes that had no soul. It was delightful seeing as in my job description I am the one who haunts your nightmares this is what keeps me going. I applaud you for this photo as it brings more terror to others and I hope it will be seen all over the web. There is no such thing as too much horror. Cherish a job well done. You even gave me a reason to hide.

Until next time my fellow horror fiends I will be watching you in the shadows and calling in the wind with only the faint of whispers.

_This showcase was in collaboration of Mama Tavia, Death Whisperer and Repsag

Reflection about The Shining

One of the assignment this week was to watch a movie and review it. I though myself no way I am watching The Ring for the second time voluntarily. The first time was under peer pressure (mainly my brother). So I decided to watch The Shining. The synopsis was interesting but at the same time incomplete. When I started to watch this movie I though two things. One everybody left the hotel for winter because that place is haunted or because something weird happened during winter and things get worse (ghost again). Well for my surprise it was both, but at the same time I could see the development of every character and it explained why they survived or not. There were a few part that looked (sorry for the actor, directors, and the whole crew) dumb. The way the main actress started to run in the hallway with the knife in the hands. Also, how the chef came back to see how they were doing ALONE!!!!!! and un armed…..Well I am not going to spoil it to my fellow classmate. However, it is worth watching. 

I think the director did a really good job in the filming taking out the running around with the knife scene. I like the part where the close up of Jack face and I could see how the director played with the camera and the light. There are certain tones (contouring of the face) that make it look evil. Another good scene is when Jack was closed in the storage and the shot was filmed from below him. I could see the insanity in his face and the way his hair hanging down make it even better. Moreover the scene of the elevator, it was a simple and common background but without warning a red river (suppose blood) came running down. It was always without notice but everytime the elevator came into picture I was expecting and explanation why they choose the elevator and not the main hall, or the hall with the bar. 

I do not know if I am taking the end wrong but here it goes my guess. I like the way the snow tractor fade into the night after the cloud. Again a nice play with the effect and the camera. However, it made me believe that they were never there. I got even more confused when they focus into the Ball 1921 photo and we can see Jack in the photo.  So I thinking that when the snow tractor fade is make it look like they were never there. It make me thing of the song Hotel California because he (Jack) came in but he can never leave.

The Shining, it was the first time hearing the movie mainly because is from 1980 (I was not born yet) but it was a really good 2 hours of movie. It was different a good play with the camera, the color, and even the effects. 

Photographing since I was 10 yrs old.


I remember my first pictures were made with a plastic camera. My dad was trying to teach me how to have the correct ratio on the sides and top and bottom.  Then he move me to  a real camara were I had to play with the lenses to get the focus correct. I hate it I could never made a clear picture. So I stick with the plastic camera until the digital camera appears. I think is much easier to get a nice looking picture using the digital cameras.However, a photo of something prettier. does not mean that the photo is going to have meaning. The meaning of a picture can be different for every one.

I love to take pictures, I will said is my hobby but I do not have the time to do it as often as I will now. I love to take photo of anything that caught my attention. It can be rainbow, a rainy day, a fog day, the moon, the sunrise, different shapes of the clouds, my silly little cousin trying new poses, my family in the holidays, and even common thing (everyday thing) that I think are meaningful in my life. In this days a selfie is something really common and we see it at least 3 to 5 times either on Facebook or Instagram.

I take picture of anything that spark my interesting, and sometimes when I am reviewing my picture to get print, the less expected picture is the one that have something different in it. If I am walking around and I see something interesting I snap a picture with my cell camera. I do not think, I am at the semiprofessional or professional level, but I do enjoy to take pictures. I may try to start waiting for the right moment to take the picture and try to play with the setting to get different types of picture. However, I do enjoy taking picture in black and white. There is something different with the black and white picture. I think that black and white picture takes the distraction of the color and makes you focus on the meaning of the photo or object itself.

I do not have to said which monument is this. I was walking throw the grass and I saw the sun begin the obelisk and I though mmmmh. I snap a picture of it. Let me know what you think?




This photo was taken last December, when my parents came to visit me to Virginia. We spend the day in Washington DC. This picture was taking from inside the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History. I took it because I though the view was beautiful


Boardwalk Lady ghost

In one of the many email that I received from my friend Repsag. She  send me this creepy photo.



The email goes as follows.

Dear Melissa,

I am currently passing some quite time in a small town in New Jersey. I have rented a town house that is four house up the shore. I am spending my days reading in my porch and watching my neighbor’s cats. Well, let me tell you Melissa, what happen after hurricane Irene. I am not scared of anything, you know that better than anyone. But after hurricane Irene, I went for a walk just after the storm passed. It was early in the morning, and I think I was the only one awake at the moment and crazy enough to be walking in a deserted beach after a hurricane. It was a mess, the boat that usually are on water where on land around 2 meter in land. The beautiful boardwalk was gone or filled with sand. It was a disaster. However, it did not bother me is the price that mankind pay when building near a shore. But, something that shock me little was a weird figure I saw through my camera lens (yes I am adapting to technology). It was semi transparent lady figure. It gave me goose bumps. I am sure it was not something normal. I started asking my neighbor about any weird thing that may happen around here. He said that before, just when New Jersey shore was for vacation purpose only.  There was a girl who was vacationing with her family, and she met with a local boy. My neighbor said it was a summer romance but it lasted for a couple of years. The story said that one summer during War World II this girl came to meet her lover but she did not find him ( he volunteer to fight for his country). She  did not know the fact that he was at war, and she wait for him at the spot where they used to meet in secret. She waited for him, it did not matter if it was raining, sunny, dark, cold, she waited for him. The story said that after a thunderstorm some vacationers found the body of a girl who had been hit by a thunder.

My neighbor said the tree( the one next to the ghost and it was put in there a few decades ago)  is the place  were they used to meet to observed the ocean, and spend time talking to each other.   Every time that is raining, or after a storm,  girl figure tends to appear in  that spot. It looks like she is watching the ocean waiting for him to come for her.

I hope you enjoy the story, I did really wanted you to know about because I know you hate anything relating with terror and more especially ghost. So enjoy…..