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DesignBlitz explanation

One of the assignment this week was to take picture which can follow the following concepts: color,typography,metaphors/symbols,minimalism & use of space,form/function/message,balance,rhythm,proportion, and dominance, and we had to uploaded it to Flickr. We also had to write a post and said what we took the picture of; so I made a post and I called it DesignBlitz. Now in this post, I am going to said why I think my pictures work.

The Hydrangea represent color, because it gives a nice contrast with the green and the white in the background. The purple color is the only focus, is the thing that attracts the attention.

The rainbow represent dominance, because we have a nice view of an apartment with a ocean-view however, the thing that makes this photo beautiful is the rainbow in the back.

The Washington Monument, when I think about Washington DC the Washington Monument is the first thing I can think of and it is the first thing I see when I am taking the Amtrak or driving back from New Jersey.

The bicycle parking, represent use of space. For me represent use of the space because they (whoever design the school) did not take extra space from the walking area (sidewalk) but instead use the space in the garden next to the trees to make the parking for the bicycle.

Coffee and pastries, it was my desert/late breakfast today. I choose it because I wanted to represent the balance between the white of the cup and the plate with the dark brown of the pastries and the brown of the table.

Intersection for my represent rhythm and function because now I do not have to wait so long to get to I 95 North. Function because the flow of traffic is better.

Typography for me is represented in this picture because we can see different types of sign and fonts. Starting with the plate (which I will apologize if it is wrong) and the sign of the street in green and white, the Pancho Villa sign which is white and red, the Wendy’s logo is in the back and you can not miss it .

The balance and maybe rhythm (maybe more like flow) is represent it in this picture because I want it to picture or transmit the sense of the flow of the traffic and the contrast with the green of the trees. Note: I was paying attention to the road I choose shoot the photo without looking that is the reason is a little blurry.

I do not know if I made this assignment right, however; I had a lot of fun taking the picture and looking into my old picture to see if I have any good samples. All the picture above are mine; I took them myself either using my phone or my camera.