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Reflection about The Shining

One of the assignment this week was to watch a movie and review it. I though myself no way I am watching The Ring for the second time voluntarily. The first time was under peer pressure (mainly my brother). So I decided to watch The Shining. The synopsis was interesting but at the same time incomplete. When I started to watch this movie I though two things. One everybody left the hotel for winter because that place is haunted or because something weird happened during winter and things get worse (ghost again). Well for my surprise it was both, but at the same time I could see the development of every character and it explained why they survived or not. There were a few part that looked (sorry for the actor, directors, and the whole crew) dumb. The way the main actress started to run in the hallway with the knife in the hands. Also, how the chef came back to see how they were doing ALONE!!!!!! and un armed…..Well I am not going to spoil it to my fellow classmate. However, it is worth watching. 

I think the director did a really good job in the filming taking out the running around with the knife scene. I like the part where the close up of Jack face and I could see how the director played with the camera and the light. There are certain tones (contouring of the face) that make it look evil. Another good scene is when Jack was closed in the storage and the shot was filmed from below him. I could see the insanity in his face and the way his hair hanging down make it even better. Moreover the scene of the elevator, it was a simple and common background but without warning a red river (suppose blood) came running down. It was always without notice but everytime the elevator came into picture I was expecting and explanation why they choose the elevator and not the main hall, or the hall with the bar. 

I do not know if I am taking the end wrong but here it goes my guess. I like the way the snow tractor fade into the night after the cloud. Again a nice play with the effect and the camera. However, it made me believe that they were never there. I got even more confused when they focus into the Ball 1921 photo and we can see Jack in the photo.  So I thinking that when the snow tractor fade is make it look like they were never there. It make me thing of the song Hotel California because he (Jack) came in but he can never leave.

The Shining, it was the first time hearing the movie mainly because is from 1980 (I was not born yet) but it was a really good 2 hours of movie. It was different a good play with the camera, the color, and even the effects.