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French Soldier


During her many years of experimentation and trial and errors she was able to defy death. However, it came with the price  the human could not be trusted…..

Walking through the long grass while raining at night  Repasg open her door looking behind her back. She goes inside quick and the first thing she does is to go downstairs. Where her lover was waiting for her. He, Noah, an French soldier who died at her hand  while she was attending patients in the battle field. She was in love with him and she had spend so many years alone. She decided to try her new formula with him. She decide to let him live after death. However, the consequence were bad. He became a creature that had to be chain and concealed otherwise he would have eat her. She does not have the heart or the means to kill him for now. So she diced to kept him chained in her basement where she can at least look at him decay and talk to him even though he can answer back.


This assignment was to create a Sound Effect Story, only using sound now words. It is worth 3 1/2 Stars.