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Movie as a Radio

Movie as a Radio is one of the audio assignment that I decided to do. It is worth 3.5 stars. I have to put the soundtrack of a movie in 10 minutes. One of the movies that we are reviewing for the radio show is The Others. So the sound is from the movie. At first is sound kind of the same music;which in reality is kind of boring. But at the end it gets a different beat. At the end the music get more calms and soft like the type of music after all the problems are resolve. For this assignment I went into YouTube and I found the soundtrack for the movie. I used Audacity to record each track and them I work to put it into a single track that will fit the require the amount of time.

DS106 radio comercial

I decided to do DS106 commercial for an audio assignment which is worth 3.5 stars. One of the requirement for this commercial is that it has to be something that need to be related to the host characters or to a movie character. I created the Magical Sphere diary which is a ping ball size sphere that  will record your feelings or thought . The best part of this device is that is voice activated so no one else can get into your diary ever again.

I decided to but a music that will be interesting, so I did not use a violin or a soft music. So I decided to put a music of a game which will give my monotone and flat voice a little bit more of life.

Radio show Bumper

One of the requirement for the preparation for the radio show is to create a radio bumper. I decided that my friend Repsag, who is better at speaking than I am; will introduce my radio show. So, she recorded the speaking part and I put my imagination to work and added the background audio. For this I decided that I want the public to know that Repsag is inside or coming inside;so I added the sound of the door opening. Then I put the sound of some ghost so that it can give a special feeling to the space that she is doing the recording. Also, at the end; I decided to use the same door sound to let the audience know that she is leaving.


Favorite Song

This assignment is Favorite Song, and it is worth 3.5 star. This assignment asked to get one of my favorites song and cut out the lyrics (it was hard) and then play 30 secs and see if people can guess the song. I hope someone can guess the song.

It was pretty easy to find your favorite song, the difficult and lengthy part is to get the lyrics out of the song. It looks like Audacity did not wanted to cooperate with me. It took me several attempt to get it, and even then I could still hear the voice of the singer in the back. It was faint but you have to know that he is singing.




Emotion through Sound

The assignment Emotion through sound is worth 3.5 stars. I choose to convey the emotion that I have after I get out of a yoga class.  After a yoga class a feel internal peace. I know is yoga that is the main motive but I feel peace after I put my body in difficult and challenging positions. The music I play when I am doing yoga are mainly of waterfall, birds, and violin. For this assignment I choose those three sound and combine them in one track. All the sound I download them from Freesound.com.

Austin- My version


I hate to go to karaoke, the only one that can stand my bad singing is my hubby. But for this week assignment I choose to do Solo Vocal Trio that is worth 3 1/2 start. So I decided to sing Austin by Blake Shelton, I did some cheating and have the lyrics with me. It sound so weird and bad at the same time. So I really apologize for my lack of tone.

French Soldier


During her many years of experimentation and trial and errors she was able to defy death. However, it came with the price  the human could not be trusted…..

Walking through the long grass while raining at night  Repasg open her door looking behind her back. She goes inside quick and the first thing she does is to go downstairs. Where her lover was waiting for her. He, Noah, an French soldier who died at her hand  while she was attending patients in the battle field. She was in love with him and she had spend so many years alone. She decided to try her new formula with him. She decide to let him live after death. However, the consequence were bad. He became a creature that had to be chain and concealed otherwise he would have eat her. She does not have the heart or the means to kill him for now. So she diced to kept him chained in her basement where she can at least look at him decay and talk to him even though he can answer back.


This assignment was to create a Sound Effect Story, only using sound now words. It is worth 3 1/2 Stars.