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Two of my favorite thing are IOS and Windows; it may sound weird but I like both operatting systems and I can go in between them to do difference thing in both of them. What I decide to do for this assignment is to get the apple logo and apply the Windows colors, so I can create a new logo of both of them combine. It was pretty easy to apply the color to the apple and them apply the background color that resemble the background screen of a PC desktop.

Vine Remix

This assignment is worth 3 stars and it asked me to make different videos in vine and put them all together in one video clip. I use my cellphone to do the vine videos and then I went online to get the video download to my computer and them upload them to YouTube.  I used the vine of me doing my DS106 homework, then making coffee, cleaning the sink that it always appears full, and the GPS that was going crazy.






I want first of all give credit to the creator of Twilight saga (movie) because I do not own the clip that I am using.

This assignment which is worth 3 stars asked us to create a video clip of our favorite character. I like Jacob, is the only character that I can like, I am sorry Edwards fans I do not like him one bit, and I am not a super fan of the Jacob either but he wins.  So for this assignment I use iMovie and I used one clip that I found in YouTube and some photos that I download from google, and using iMovie I added some music in the photo so that the transition between video clip and photo is  not silence void.

Week 11-Summary :)

This week again it was a mess, but it is almost over a few more weeks to go and then break and to eat my mother home cooking for a couples of days. This week was dedicated to video assignments which means a lot of video were created which was pretty good and easy. I thought it will be worst but it was quite simple and easy to do.  Some of the assignment I did were: Lip-sync singing I was kind of shy at the beginning but then I said to myself have fun and I did. The next assignment was Origami where I teach how to do a ghost origami and it added to the video assignments. I also added in the video section a Tutorial of how to use a screen sharing/ broadcasting screen for the rest of my fellow student to used too. Then I choose the Pantry scene of the Shinning to complete the assignment of analyzing the scene. Finally, I used for the first time Vine, at the beginning was kind of confusing but I got used to it and completed the assignment of something falling I choose a nail polish because it was nearby. We also were prompted to create a documentary which was worth 0 stars 🙁 but I introduced my host character and I think people will get to know her better, she can be a little weird sometimes but she is nice and smart person.

Finally because I forgot to do my weekly showcase, I redeem myself and I made my showcase for this week which was pretty hard because there is a lot of good material on the blogs.

This week we have to do 3 daily create

This daily create we have to create a poem about the purpose of life.

Another daily create we have to create was to put special effect into a selfie

One of the early daily create was to take a photo of the sidewalk and create it into an art piece





Weekly Showcase- The best of the best

Melissa have you gone through ds106 blogs this week it was pretty interesting with al this movies.

Nop I have not have the change to look throught it REpsag.

Well let me tell you there a quite a few good videos out there but I have to choose some to show you:

From Oh horror of ds106 we got a compilation of ballet dance, It made me remember when I used to teach dance to the court ladies.. ugrh I mean to the girl in the catholic school not long ago….

Come on!  REpsag, we all know that you are old enough to be our grandgrandgrandgrandgrand mother so stop pretending. Going back to the video, it was pretty good combination of moves and music.

I do not know what are you talking, one of the other videos that I love was from Toby blog, I like it when she adopted her dog instead of buying a puppy. He is a cutie too Melissa it makes me remember your dog.

What was his name?

It is Parker, and I adopted it from a shelter he was also a puppy and I am his first and last home. 🙂


Now that REpsag is talking about the blog, I like one of the daily creates this week it came from Carnival, It is a nice drawing of a tree with bright color with a grey scale background via @catscarnival7

Pretty ingenuous how Cat used the crack in the sidewalk to mimic a tree. By the way do you know how to cook?

Of course, I think I do a pretty good job because I have not go to the ER yet.

Well Insane clown murderer fun zone for kids created a pretty interesting cooking video tutorial.

I still do not know what he is trying to prepare but it is pretty ingenious how the video is created and how he can be in two places at the same time.

Let me tell you about  one video that may me laugh so hard, but at the same time I want to give 10 stars to the creator because it took an amazing time and produce this video.  Carnival create a video about a horror wedding.

I think it will be perfect for the Valentine season this year. I like it how they use mainly shadows and the credit page at the end was pretty good. 

I know Repsag, I have been busy with school work but all this work deserve and applause and a recognition

Well, let keep a watch in these blog so we can see more of their amazing work in the following weeks.


One of the assignment we have to do which was worth 0 star is to create a mini documentary. Because the professor suggest that we can link it to our host character I decide to conduct an interview with my host character. The lack of people to helps me made be do something pretty interesting, I used the OBS broadcasting software which I choose to share a twitter conversation (which it was me asking my host character question) and the other screen was the video camera of my laptop. I decided to do this because I did not have anyone else to help me to do this documentary and because I think it is similar as a webinars that are going around lately. I remember I had something similar for my anthropology class last semester. I uploaded the video to youtube where by my  surprise I notice I can add slide with letter either at the end or the beginning of the video which I did and as always I choose the music that youtube provide for the videoclips.

Lip-sync singing

This video assignment is worth 3.5 start and it only requires for you to lip sync singing your favorite song. I like Do I by Luke Bryan and I used it as a background, it was very funny to do this because I usually sing the song but I have never recorded my self. In the middle of the song/video I grab a color pen and used it as a microphone I was having fun. While I was trimming the video I saw that I can slow or speed the video, and because I think is even more funny I decided to speed the video so my voice (well Luke Bryan’s voice) sound weird. All this was done in YouTube creator studio which is really easy to use.

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