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Reflection on radio show

I want to apologize for not remembering the name of your radio show. I listened to it after our radio show on  Thursday. However, you left a really good impression because your show sounded it like a real radio show. There were different parts that I enjoy, once of them is how the presented interacted with each other making seen real. and the best part was how they started to  take calls on air about their paranormal experience. It was a pretty structure radio show, however; I think one small problem you run into it is that you forgot to give us a number to call, I think if you have done it. The whole experience would have been super. I really enjoy all your show and  the content of your show. Your radio show went outside the norm that I listen on the other radio show and it was a good end to the presentation of the shows.

Radio show week 2 progress.

The radio show is coming alone; we are waiting for one more member to update her work so we can finish up. We have come along with a pretty consistent and nice theme for the show. The commercial and radio bumper are a good addition to the show. I am exciting to listen to everything together and how is going to match. I really hope you like it. We mainly tried to finished all the recording early morning but Fall Break kept coming in between our work. I was in New Jersey this weekend, and we did not have internet connection for at least two days which added to the slow of my participation this week.

Radioshow week 1

Our radio show name is 3rd millennium horror countdown, we came up with the name of the show and with the content pretty easy and fast. We have been working to create some new commercial for the show and let me tell you we have a pretty good ones in there. The posters are coming really well and different too. The logos are coming alone; I still have to do mine. The main focus of our radio show is to let the listener know about the top and bottom 4 horror movies since 2000. We all decided in one top and bottom and we are trying to see how we are going to rank it. For now it looks like the ranking will be based on how much they made in the box office; however, there is one movie that is not necessary following that pattern so we will see how it works. I think we also have to take into consideration our point of view because not to people are gonna agree in our choice. We are planning to get all the audio ready by Monday night so we can start the editing process.

Radio show Bumper

One of the requirement for the preparation for the radio show is to create a radio bumper. I decided that my friend Repsag, who is better at speaking than I am; will introduce my radio show. So, she recorded the speaking part and I put my imagination to work and added the background audio. For this I decided that I want the public to know that Repsag is inside or coming inside;so I added the sound of the door opening. Then I put the sound of some ghost so that it can give a special feeling to the space that she is doing the recording. Also, at the end; I decided to use the same door sound to let the audience know that she is leaving.


Radio show poster

This assignment was to create a radio poster for the radio show we are working on. I choose to do something simple that will leave something to the imagination of the readers. For this reason I choose shadows, as to represent the broadcasters. Also, I said that we are going to present the best and the worst of 15 years of horror movies but I haven’t said which movies we are going to present because if  I do; the readers or the listener will not show interest in the show because they can go online and find the reviews for the movies on their own. I am trying to follow the guidelines giving by  Vignelli to keep it simple with the same time of letters and just changing the size, the color was chosen as orange because a black color will be miss in the poster.


This is my bumper sticker. I know I have seem them around before but I have never pay attention to them. So what I did is to use some of the shadow from the poster and add the name of the horror show, and increase the size of the radio name so people who see it will be prompted to tune the radio.


The logo for our show is shown above. I decided to do something simple and combine it with a little bit of Halloween spirit so I put three pumpkin head. I decided to do it in blacks and grey because we can put a nice or bright color as a background.

DesignBlitz explanation

One of the assignment this week was to take picture which can follow the following concepts: color,typography,metaphors/symbols,minimalism & use of space,form/function/message,balance,rhythm,proportion, and dominance, and we had to uploaded it to Flickr. We also had to write a post and said what we took the picture of; so I made a post and I called it DesignBlitz. Now in this post, I am going to said why I think my pictures work.

The Hydrangea represent color, because it gives a nice contrast with the green and the white in the background. The purple color is the only focus, is the thing that attracts the attention.

The rainbow represent dominance, because we have a nice view of an apartment with a ocean-view however, the thing that makes this photo beautiful is the rainbow in the back.

The Washington Monument, when I think about Washington DC the Washington Monument is the first thing I can think of and it is the first thing I see when I am taking the Amtrak or driving back from New Jersey.

The bicycle parking, represent use of space. For me represent use of the space because they (whoever design the school) did not take extra space from the walking area (sidewalk) but instead use the space in the garden next to the trees to make the parking for the bicycle.

Coffee and pastries, it was my desert/late breakfast today. I choose it because I wanted to represent the balance between the white of the cup and the plate with the dark brown of the pastries and the brown of the table.

Intersection for my represent rhythm and function because now I do not have to wait so long to get to I 95 North. Function because the flow of traffic is better.

Typography for me is represented in this picture because we can see different types of sign and fonts. Starting with the plate (which I will apologize if it is wrong) and the sign of the street in green and white, the Pancho Villa sign which is white and red, the Wendy’s logo is in the back and you can not miss it .

The balance and maybe rhythm (maybe more like flow) is represent it in this picture because I want it to picture or transmit the sense of the flow of the traffic and the contrast with the green of the trees. Note: I was paying attention to the road I choose shoot the photo without looking that is the reason is a little blurry.

I do not know if I made this assignment right, however; I had a lot of fun taking the picture and looking into my old picture to see if I have any good samples. All the picture above are mine; I took them myself either using my phone or my camera.

Black Sabbath

This week we were prompted to choose which movie we wanted to watch (I like it). I choose Black Sabbath, why? because is the name of a rock bad I like. Black Sabbath is composed of three stories that I am going to reflect below by separate. However, what I could see from the three stories is that each one has a focal point.

The blue stone ring is the focal point of the first story. The dead lady that appears like smiling is super creepy, especially when she wake up,and then goes to sit on the rocker chair. I will also die of a heart attack. However, the whole scene are taken in a very sad-looking place without much color; and the ring is the only object in the story that has a really impacting color.

The second story is about a lady that keeps receiving a phone calls from a guy that is looking at her. I still can figure it out, from where or who was this guy. However, the telephone was a red, and all the furniture was oak. The telephone looked like it did not belong there because was a very strong color and the rest of the scene was more pastel like color.

The vampire story is the third story; I am not so sure about it. I think the  white color of the child clothing while he has been abducted it was really bright and have a really nice contrast with the grandfather figure and the atmosphere, which both of them were really depressing,  and poor in color. Another good scene is in the castle debris because we can see two tones, I mean where they enter to that scene is bright but at the other side is dark and without color. The last scene where the face of the child, father and sister appears in the window ….Amazing; it left a good impact in me.

The host in the introduction was fantastic it looked like a head floating in the air. In the introduction of the third story, the host was saying that vampire doesn’t have reflection in the mirror and when he tries to look himself up in the mirror he did not do it. It is a playful way to add mystery to his identity.

This week focus was design, but design can be anything. Design can be the most simple thing such a letter you receive in the mail, to magazine or even a textbook that you use in class. In the movie, design can be found in the clothing, furniture, scenography (settings), lighting, and etc. In Black Sabbath, I can see the director focus in accessories such as the ring for the first movie, furniture like the telephone and clothing and scenography in the third story.

I am killer….a bad doctor….

First let me apologize to all the designer, all the people in the industry of arts, design, photograph, and so on. They had a difficult job at hand. I had never thought that it was so complicated to publish or design something. They have to take care of so many details; they have to be creative but taking care that others can get their creative ideas. They had to plan pages of pages ahead (in case magazine, or books) the content, the position of the photo, the font size and style. Even the letter that I receive in the mail had a design that I had never notice or even care about it. It also made me laugh when Vignelli said that the worst mistake that could happen is of desktop publishing because people can use different types of fonts and it became a good sample of design pollution. It made me remember back in high school;whenever we had to do a Power Point presentation the teacher told us “I do not want a different transition for each slide; This is not a Power Point transition showcase.” I did not care at that time, however; as today I now know what my teacher was trying to do. She wanted the focus of the presentation to be our content (topic) rather than the effects on the Power Point.

Vignelli may be from the pre-internet era, but I think his logical is very logical and reasonable. My mother has always said “Cuando mas sencillo, mas elegante” translation “the simplest is the most elegant” is a bad translation. Vignelli and my mother thinks the same way (scary you always think you mother is not right). Now I understand why some commercial and ads are so simple but at the same time they stick to people; and it is because they are designed to be remembered by people.

This article has giving me a really good and new perspective about design and the job it entitle.

Brainstorm radioshow

We have to pre recorder a radio show and one of the assignment this weekend is to brainstorm ideas for a radio show. The radio show had to follow the theme of the class which is horror. I think a good idea for a horror radio show will be to talk about movies that had inspire horror. We make modern horror movie a theme for a radio show. We can take the best horror movies since 2000 and the worst and compare them. We can specify why we believe that the horror movie is worth prize or if is a complete garbage. I can think of several that does not deserve to be in the horror category, and they are good one too that deserve a price.