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Weekly Showcase- The best of the best

Melissa have you gone through ds106 blogs this week it was pretty interesting with al this movies.

Nop I have not have the change to look throught it REpsag.

Well let me tell you there a quite a few good videos out there but I have to choose some to show you:

From Oh horror of ds106 we got a compilation of ballet dance, It made me remember when I used to teach dance to the court ladies.. ugrh I mean to the girl in the catholic school not long ago….

Come on!  REpsag, we all know that you are old enough to be our grandgrandgrandgrandgrand mother so stop pretending. Going back to the video, it was pretty good combination of moves and music.

I do not know what are you talking, one of the other videos that I love was from Toby blog, I like it when she adopted her dog instead of buying a puppy. He is a cutie too Melissa it makes me remember your dog.

What was his name?

It is Parker, and I adopted it from a shelter he was also a puppy and I am his first and last home. 🙂


Now that REpsag is talking about the blog, I like one of the daily creates this week it came from Carnival, It is a nice drawing of a tree with bright color with a grey scale background via @catscarnival7

Pretty ingenuous how Cat used the crack in the sidewalk to mimic a tree. By the way do you know how to cook?

Of course, I think I do a pretty good job because I have not go to the ER yet.

Well Insane clown murderer fun zone for kids created a pretty interesting cooking video tutorial.

I still do not know what he is trying to prepare but it is pretty ingenious how the video is created and how he can be in two places at the same time.

Let me tell you about  one video that may me laugh so hard, but at the same time I want to give 10 stars to the creator because it took an amazing time and produce this video.  Carnival create a video about a horror wedding.

I think it will be perfect for the Valentine season this year. I like it how they use mainly shadows and the credit page at the end was pretty good. 

I know Repsag, I have been busy with school work but all this work deserve and applause and a recognition

Well, let keep a watch in these blog so we can see more of their amazing work in the following weeks.

Best of Week Four

Hi, Mama Tavia and Death Whisperer

Have you seen the daily creates twits this  week?

I was looking into my friend’s Melissa twitter account and I found a photo of an lady. It was a tweet from Kaitilin Geckle  

The photo looks like an old photo, I even like the border of the photo because it looked like stain. I remember the first picture I took when I was a photographer, it was taken upside down…urrrgghhhh…. I mean the I read it somewhere that it was the way it used to be. Anyways that link took me to different pictures that were pretty good. But I liked this one. 

I know what you mean Repsag, I found myself (Mama Tavia) scrolling through a friend of mines Cherish’s blog  after doing some snooping. Everyone knows how you start on one persons page and then you somehow end up on like their cousin’s brother’s friends page right? Well, I somehow ended up on Alexis Zirpmoulis’ blog “My Frightening Tales.” While lurking through her blog I came across her bucket list  . To me her bucket list was small but each four were great bucket list items. My favorite was “to graduate.” I think this was my favorite because it is often overlooked as an accomplishment. I like how she started out explaining how to chose these four from a list of many, as well as each explanation for them. I remember when I wrote my bucket list and I can honestly say, I didn’t actually sit down to think of anything I just kind of started typing.

Hello there fellow horror hosts,

I have come out of the shadows and nightmares to pay respects to two others who have shown me some rather haunting images. The first is from a blog known as Death by Digital Storytelling. As I am already dead, I enjoyed that you will soon by joining me into the darkness. You chose for the paranormal photo a chilling shadow and made a story for it. It gave me chills and I am a shadow myself. To see how much detail you put into making the photo more realistic..well that just made it even more enticing to read. I can’t wait to see what is in store for you Ellen. I know that one day we will meet in your dreams.

 This is Mama Tavia again, along with my lurking shenanigans once again. I happened to stumble across Ms. Clara Hope and her blog . I saw one of her posts where she altered the hues of the photo and thought they were pretty cool, I know whenever I take a photo I tend to play with colors and filters; just to end up with the original photo as is. Here is her photo  . I know a lot of people go to the river and take pictures, maybe I’ll try it sometime before it gets any cooler. Thanks again Ms. Clara Hope for you inspiration.

 This was a one to scare children at night. My favorite thing to do! It had taken a sweet and innocent girl and made her into a monster! With sharp teeth and eyes that had no soul. It was delightful seeing as in my job description I am the one who haunts your nightmares this is what keeps me going. I applaud you for this photo as it brings more terror to others and I hope it will be seen all over the web. There is no such thing as too much horror. Cherish a job well done. You even gave me a reason to hide.

Until next time my fellow horror fiends I will be watching you in the shadows and calling in the wind with only the faint of whispers.

_This showcase was in collaboration of Mama Tavia, Death Whisperer and Repsag