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Black Sabbath

This week we were prompted to choose which movie we wanted to watch (I like it). I choose Black Sabbath, why? because is the name of a rock bad I like. Black Sabbath is composed of three stories that I am going to reflect below by separate. However, what I could see from the three stories is that each one has a focal point.

The blue stone ring is the focal point of the first story. The dead lady that appears like smiling is super creepy, especially when she wake up,and then goes to sit on the rocker chair. I will also die of a heart attack. However, the whole scene are taken in a very sad-looking place without much color; and the ring is the only object in the story that has a really impacting color.

The second story is about a lady that keeps receiving a phone calls from a guy that is looking at her. I still can figure it out, from where or who was this guy. However, the telephone was a red, and all the furniture was oak. The telephone looked like it did not belong there because was a very strong color and the rest of the scene was more pastel like color.

The vampire story is the third story; I am not so sure about it. I think the  white color of the child clothing while he has been abducted it was really bright and have a really nice contrast with the grandfather figure and the atmosphere, which both of them were really depressing,  and poor in color. Another good scene is in the castle debris because we can see two tones, I mean where they enter to that scene is bright but at the other side is dark and without color. The last scene where the face of the child, father and sister appears in the window ….Amazing; it left a good impact in me.

The host in the introduction was fantastic it looked like a head floating in the air. In the introduction of the third story, the host was saying that vampire doesn’t have reflection in the mirror and when he tries to look himself up in the mirror he did not do it. It is a playful way to add mystery to his identity.

This week focus was design, but design can be anything. Design can be the most simple thing such a letter you receive in the mail, to magazine or even a textbook that you use in class. In the movie, design can be found in the clothing, furniture, scenography (settings), lighting, and etc. In Black Sabbath, I can see the director focus in accessories such as the ring for the first movie, furniture like the telephone and clothing and scenography in the third story.

I am killer….a bad doctor….

First let me apologize to all the designer, all the people in the industry of arts, design, photograph, and so on. They had a difficult job at hand. I had never thought that it was so complicated to publish or design something. They have to take care of so many details; they have to be creative but taking care that others can get their creative ideas. They had to plan pages of pages ahead (in case magazine, or books) the content, the position of the photo, the font size and style. Even the letter that I receive in the mail had a design that I had never notice or even care about it. It also made me laugh when Vignelli said that the worst mistake that could happen is of desktop publishing because people can use different types of fonts and it became a good sample of design pollution. It made me remember back in high school;whenever we had to do a Power Point presentation the teacher told us “I do not want a different transition for each slide; This is not a Power Point transition showcase.” I did not care at that time, however; as today I now know what my teacher was trying to do. She wanted the focus of the presentation to be our content (topic) rather than the effects on the Power Point.

Vignelli may be from the pre-internet era, but I think his logical is very logical and reasonable. My mother has always said “Cuando mas sencillo, mas elegante” translation “the simplest is the most elegant” is a bad translation. Vignelli and my mother thinks the same way (scary you always think you mother is not right). Now I understand why some commercial and ads are so simple but at the same time they stick to people; and it is because they are designed to be remembered by people.

This article has giving me a really good and new perspective about design and the job it entitle.


Before television it was radio shows, and even before radio we had the stories pass down generation to generation by mouth. I remember my mother told me once that she used to listen to the “novelas” soap operas in the radio and she said it was quite interesting and all the “sound effect” they made so you can imaging what was going on.  I also can remember how my grandfather or even my uncles change their voice tone to emphasize a point or to scare us when they were telling us scary stories. Also,  during my grade school years, I can remember my teacher bothering me about intonation in my reading. Now I know is not that she wanted to bother me but that with the correct intonation you can express different emotions.

Audio can be a very powerful tool. It can either enrich the movie or destroy it. In my opinion, the best sound effect are the one that create suspend without making you jump just because of the change in the volume.

For example, in the soundtrack I found of The Conjuring, it provide a sense of suspend and horror. It is a good combination of sound without making it to loud so that you jump because of the music rather than the actual movie.  Listen to the soundtrack below and close your eyes. If you had watch the movie is much better.

Now listen, and just listen to the clip below is a clip from Paranormal Activity 4.

What do you think? Did it make you jump just because of the increase of sound in the right moment? My opinion of a good horror movie is a movie that will make you jump because the suspense is in there and with the help of the audio it makes it even better. But there are a couple of movies the script is BAD and the scary part is just due to the excessive volume of the sound effects.

Going back to audio, audio is a really big player in transmitting emotion. It may not be a big or noisy sound, but every sound has a purpose. For example, the bell in a small town can have different meaning depending in how many times it had rung. The wait people use they honk while driving, it can be use to alert you or to …..(leave it to your imagination).

If we compare the intonation of a narrating host, narrating a horror movie like in the Tales of the Crypt. He used a voice to confer suspense, terror or even danger. However, if we compare it with a news narrator, he or she used a natural voice tone.  Why? because they have a different theme to present and each theme need to deliver a specific emotion or information.

Audio can deliver happiness (songs), sadness, emergency(alerts), and many other information and it all depend in the intonation, exclamation and even in the volume that has been use.


Last Laugh and Alliens

I am not a big fan of Aliens series. I have never watched one. I am more into reading the book rather than watching the movie. I think that some of the mystery of the book gets loss in the movie. However, I had watched Star Wars and one of the sound that I can heard it without watching the movie is the laser blade been activated sound, and the sound of laser blade deflecting bullets.  The droid march is something that I can always remember. While reading Audio-Biomechanism. I can understand why the producers chooses the sound effects. The wanted it to sound familiar but without taking the emotion of the sound.

The Last Laugh, I just finished reading it. It was pretty good but I saw it coming. I knew the doctor will do something to him. If I choose the first page and put sound to it. I will use a nice calm music like a violin at the beginning, noise of the door opening and closing. When he starts to touch his belly I will use the sound of someone moving in the couch. Again a sound of door opening followed by footsteps.  The ambient sound in the background for when both of them are inside the examination room will be of a nice violin but with a little bit of suspend maybe not a soft melody but something more alarming like to prepare for the unexpected.

Moon Graffitti

The way that we have a sense of place is because they describe what they believe was the moon at the beginning. The sound effect like the beeping and the crash noisy make it believe, and it is like you are there. Moreover, you have the opportunity to use your imagination and make a scene in your head of what is going on. They are very descriptive in what the environment is which helps to create a sense of environment.

Reflection about The Shining

One of the assignment this week was to watch a movie and review it. I though myself no way I am watching The Ring for the second time voluntarily. The first time was under peer pressure (mainly my brother). So I decided to watch The Shining. The synopsis was interesting but at the same time incomplete. When I started to watch this movie I though two things. One everybody left the hotel for winter because that place is haunted or because something weird happened during winter and things get worse (ghost again). Well for my surprise it was both, but at the same time I could see the development of every character and it explained why they survived or not. There were a few part that looked (sorry for the actor, directors, and the whole crew) dumb. The way the main actress started to run in the hallway with the knife in the hands. Also, how the chef came back to see how they were doing ALONE!!!!!! and un armed…..Well I am not going to spoil it to my fellow classmate. However, it is worth watching. 

I think the director did a really good job in the filming taking out the running around with the knife scene. I like the part where the close up of Jack face and I could see how the director played with the camera and the light. There are certain tones (contouring of the face) that make it look evil. Another good scene is when Jack was closed in the storage and the shot was filmed from below him. I could see the insanity in his face and the way his hair hanging down make it even better. Moreover the scene of the elevator, it was a simple and common background but without warning a red river (suppose blood) came running down. It was always without notice but everytime the elevator came into picture I was expecting and explanation why they choose the elevator and not the main hall, or the hall with the bar. 

I do not know if I am taking the end wrong but here it goes my guess. I like the way the snow tractor fade into the night after the cloud. Again a nice play with the effect and the camera. However, it made me believe that they were never there. I got even more confused when they focus into the Ball 1921 photo and we can see Jack in the photo.  So I thinking that when the snow tractor fade is make it look like they were never there. It make me thing of the song Hotel California because he (Jack) came in but he can never leave.

The Shining, it was the first time hearing the movie mainly because is from 1980 (I was not born yet) but it was a really good 2 hours of movie. It was different a good play with the camera, the color, and even the effects. 

Photographing since I was 10 yrs old.


I remember my first pictures were made with a plastic camera. My dad was trying to teach me how to have the correct ratio on the sides and top and bottom.  Then he move me to  a real camara were I had to play with the lenses to get the focus correct. I hate it I could never made a clear picture. So I stick with the plastic camera until the digital camera appears. I think is much easier to get a nice looking picture using the digital cameras.However, a photo of something prettier. does not mean that the photo is going to have meaning. The meaning of a picture can be different for every one.

I love to take pictures, I will said is my hobby but I do not have the time to do it as often as I will now. I love to take photo of anything that caught my attention. It can be rainbow, a rainy day, a fog day, the moon, the sunrise, different shapes of the clouds, my silly little cousin trying new poses, my family in the holidays, and even common thing (everyday thing) that I think are meaningful in my life. In this days a selfie is something really common and we see it at least 3 to 5 times either on Facebook or Instagram.

I take picture of anything that spark my interesting, and sometimes when I am reviewing my picture to get print, the less expected picture is the one that have something different in it. If I am walking around and I see something interesting I snap a picture with my cell camera. I do not think, I am at the semiprofessional or professional level, but I do enjoy to take pictures. I may try to start waiting for the right moment to take the picture and try to play with the setting to get different types of picture. However, I do enjoy taking picture in black and white. There is something different with the black and white picture. I think that black and white picture takes the distraction of the color and makes you focus on the meaning of the photo or object itself.

I do not have to said which monument is this. I was walking throw the grass and I saw the sun begin the obelisk and I though mmmmh. I snap a picture of it. Let me know what you think?




This photo was taken last December, when my parents came to visit me to Virginia. We spend the day in Washington DC. This picture was taking from inside the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History. I took it because I though the view was beautiful


Review-Grim Reaper and Last Respect

Let me start with the one that I liked the most. It will be the Last Respects, and a fan of japanese comic (aka manga), and the korean version aka  manhwa. I read them constantly and have copies at my parents house (too many to move around). For this reason, it took me a minute to figure it out that I was reading Last Respects the wrong way. The author of this story tries to use bold letter and uppercase letter when the author wanted to emphasize an emotion either  sorrow, fear,  or happiness. The drawing of the characters is something that I am not used to see, but I think it is effective for the theme of the comic that is horror. We can also see the different color square caption of the narrator which give us some background story to the panel. However, I think that the author in the last two panels give us a little bit of suspense so that we can image the state of the skeleton. It also let us go into a conclusion that Tony did eat Anna flesh to survive but at the same time he dies anyways. I think Last Respect goes in the horror and revulsion spectrum. Horror because the opening panel is a graveyard and he is asking someone (we do not know who at the beginning) for directions. Revulsion will it be more to the imagination of the reader when he is found  lying on the floor  with the bones of Anna beside him.

The video I watched was “The Grim Reaper” is black and white.However, the way the director plays with the shadows to demonstrate suspend is fantastic. Shadows in the face of the actor when revealing something scary or talking about the curse of the paint added a level of suspend to the movie. The music, helped to build up to the moment. The movie director (or whoever was responsible for the music) knew the right moments to play the right music. A good sample is the music played after the nephew killed the widower and the secretary came back to the house and she lock the nephew in the study. The moment he looks to the paint and he can not see the Grim Reaper, the suspend music start playing and we can hear the sound of the scythe. I like that part, how they play with your imagination but at the same time let you listen to what is going to happen. I think The Grim Reaper is more into horror and terror. Horror part is the nephew how he can play with everybody to get what he wants, the curse that came with the paint, and how the nephew kill the aunt and the widower at the end. The terror part will also be the paint and the curse, but the most important part (in my opinion) will be when we see the scythe(blade) moving and the sound it makes. Also, at the end when the secretary comes back with the police and she scream and we can see the blood in the blade, that scene add to the terror and horror of this movie.


REPSAG–Host character

TIME… is my worst enemy;

flowers are annoying,

life itself is annoying and boring,

My name Repsag, I had live countless of decades, seen countless of nation to be form and be destroyed just because humans can not get it together. They do not learn from their mistakes.  At the beginning I tried to be indifferent they died and I continue on. I did not care. A couple of decades ago I started to care and that is my downfall. I got affected by them I started to care for the new generation. I keep moving to different part of the world, and I became everything, a doctor, lawyer, chemist, teacher, sailor, student, baker, soldier,nun,  singer, a clerk,  and so many more that I do not remember. At each town I visit; I  learn from their tales (folklore) and I tried to teach  them to live in   peace. For last couple of years, human life has been peaceful but I can see the starting of chaos forming. Something evil that is boiling… They can not see it coming, but I have seen the same pattern a couples of times already.

You may ask yourself about my appearance, and I will said that I have been or acted as so many people who I can not describe a self anymore. I will said I am your average girl, I do not have anything in particular that will make me stand-off the crowd.  But I will let you imagine my appearance… because that will make you curious about me and my stories.

Story Shape-Last Respect

The Last Respect comic was a roller coaster of emotion, I felt, normal when he enter the graveyard. Then the emotion grew a little more when he started asking  Anna for direction to the tomb. My emotion started to pile up, I think it was a mix of everything when the door to the mausoleum open by itself. Then I hit a flat phase when Tony started to narrate about the day with Anna at the festival. The excitement (suspend)  grew a little bit more when I notice that he was her chauffeur. Then we hit another flat while Tony and Anna meet at the garage. Another high point is where the Uncle notice Anna came back and they started to fight. Then the excitement went downhill when she die and we get to know that Tony could not see her. Then in the panel where we can see Tony in grave and the water running the excitement(suspense) grew (a lot). It grew even more when the door did not open and all the water kept coming in. Then there is a flat period again , and it is when he started to knock and knock and not answer. Then the excitement grew even more when we could see the engraver came to deliver the plaque and saw Tony death. Even more excitement when he said that the bones where next to him (this is because she would not been bones only if she had just die). When the engraver said that the formaldehyde was poison the excitement hit the limit for the comic and it also the end.

I think if we where to create a video of the story shape  instead of writing it. It will be awesome, for this reason, I created my video. Hope you enjoy it.