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Sidewalk art

Today’s daily create was to photograph a sidewalk and convert it to art. Well, the change in time make it kind of impossible to photograph a sidewalk that have an interesting pattern because when I was out of classes it was dark. So, I decided to draw my own sidewalk and to draw el avionsito. The avionsito is a classic game that I used to play when I was a child, we draw it with chalk in the sidewalk and we throw a rock until it hit one number, once it hit one number we tried to get to that number jumping in on leg without touching outside the number squares, then you have to turn around and go back jumping again until the end.

Strip it down as Shakespeare

For this daily create we have to talk like Shakespeare; I did not enjoy this daily create because I can not do it correctly. I am not a native English speaker and for me to speak with old English or read it is kind of difficult. I do enjoy Shakespeare in my native language. I choose to translate the whole lyrics in an online tool I found that translate any text to Old English.. so here it goes

alloweth t vade to black
alloweth me runneth mine digits down thy back
alloweth whisper, let’s don’t talk
Baby, leaveth mine T-shirt in the hall

Like a needle findeth a groove,
Baby, we’ll recall what to doth
To drown out every distraction,
It’s time we madeth t befall

Strip t down, strip t down
Back to thee and me like t hath used to beest
at which hour twas an fusty back road with an fusty school beat
Cowboy boots by thy little bare feet
alloweth t out, telleth me right now

Daily create

For this daily create , we have to find something that is not here and show it in a photo. So I choose to show a white cow draw in a white paper just by showing it shadow. One of the classic comedy that we can see in the Hispanic household is the comedy show El Chavo del Ocho. I remember as a child that the protagonist El Chavo was asked to draw a picture. He handed in a white paper to the teacher.

The teacher asked him what happen to the drawing?

He said I draw a cow and grass below it.

Teacher: but there is nothing in here?-

El chavo: Well teacher the cow ate all the grass.

Teacher: ok, but where is the cow?

El Chavo: oh the cow left.

I got my inspiration from that scene and I decided to draw the shadow of the cow. It may be not what the assignment asked but. It was the idea that I come up with :).



daily create- Something that I bought today.

The daily create today was to draw something that we bought today. Well after dropping him at work, I went grocery shopping, because is my day off school. The things I brought were: milk,water,lettuce, beans, broccoli,eggs,tomatoes, and bread. When I got home, I remember that I missed some stuff so I have to go back to get some more stuff.

For the daily create, today I decided to draw it myself. I am not a really good drawers because it looks like the water bottle is in top of lettuce. I need to learn about perspective and dimension I think.


Favorites logos


For the daily create today, we had to mix two of our favorite logos. So, I combine the lady from the Starbucks, assuming it is a lady, and the apple logo. This lady is eating the apple… lol….

I love Starbucks coffee, and I am suffering now because there is not a Starbuck inside campus. The apple logo is because I love apple products. They are expensive but they are worth it.

Late Pirate Talk day

For todays daily create we had to record us talking like pirate. Well female pirates were not allow. So I think I would had to be in disguised and trying to pick up some beauties so that no body could suspect me of being a girl. My pickup line would be

Avast me, proud beauty wanna know my Roger is so Jolly?Ya know darling Im 97 percent chum free…..

They are so bad pick up lines, and I am sure I did not have any luck at all.



Macbook back in the time.

Today daily create was to put something modern (new) in an old picture. I choose this scene of Chinese that looks like they are discussing war problems with some soldiers.  I decided that Chinese needed a laptop so if you can not see it well is a Macbook. I was thinking of putting a phone but a computer looked better on top of the table.

Elephant in my Latte….

The tweet today was about art in our latte or coffee. For this daily create I decided to put an elephant in my latte. I was thinking in putting in my coffee, but I wake late and I did not have coffee today. I choose an elephant because  I saw a daily create yesterday that used a elephant so I decided to continue it.