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Lord Of the Force


This Mashup assignment is worth 3.5 stars and we are asked to put two similar movies into one poster. I used the Lord of the Ring poster and incorporate Star Wars into the poster by changing Ring for Force and adding some of the Star Wars character into the poster as well as some light sabers. I am a huge fans of Star Wars so I am really excited about the new movie coming up. I have my tickets and I hope not to be disappointed. Back to the poster…. I used Photoshop to do some of the change and my cousin give me some ideas of how to do it.

Mash up to of your favorite pages


Two of my favorite thing are IOS and Windows; it may sound weird but I like both operatting systems and I can go in between them to do difference thing in both of them. What I decide to do for this assignment is to get the apple logo and apply the Windows colors, so I can create a new logo of both of them combine. It was pretty easy to apply the color to the apple and them apply the background color that resemble the background screen of a PC desktop.

Who I am?


This assignment is call Who I am ? and it is worth 4 stars. I have to basically describe myself using picture. For this reason, I decided to use my name and find a characteristic that represent me and tried it to match it with pictures.

Mannered, I appreciate a person who knows how to behave in a table. I was rise in catholic school so it was expected of us to behave as ladies and act as one. So, I learned a lot of table mannered and many of them comes from home too. So, I know which silverware to use for each time of food or course. For this I choose the fork and the knife.

Enthusiastic, I am always ready for adventure. It can be anything, I am up to it and I am happy to do it too. For this reason, I choose the little girl because she looks like me when I was told to do something risky.

Logical, I am the kind of person who will go for the practical solution and sometimes I am seem as cruel person, but in reality I am logical person. If it can not be fix, you have to find the way around it. For this, I choose the brain with the engines because to get around problems you have to think a solution.

Intellectual, my friends and husband said I am nerdy, I do not think. However, I decided to put it in the acronym and the light bulb. The light bulb was one of the invention that took a lot of trial and error to get the first bulb(around 1000 fail attempts).

Soft, I am super caring person, I will do anything to help you feel better or to understand something. So I choose the teddy bear that are so soft and sweet.

Simple, I choose the landscape picture. It is simple and beautiful. I am simple person, I do not dress fancy or have fancy car, I am down to earth girl.

Active, I love spinning and yoga. KEEP CALM AND TURN IT UP. That is how I feel when my spin structure  said “2 turns ups”. I think to have a healthy life, exercise is a key, and I am trying to get it into my lifestyle, so far is working.




One Story/ Four Icons

noun_5963_ccnoun_15871_cc  noun_85875_cc noun_139183_cc


One story/ four icons was one of the assignment that I choose to do and it is worth 3 stars. This assignment consist in putting a movie in four simple icons. I think it is like the game you try to guess the movie without talking. So, I choose a broom, cup, fire and hat. I went into the Noun Project and found the icons there for free. I started to search for the specific images that comes to my mind when I heard the title of the movie.

I am not going to tell the name of the movie, but it is pretty easy and straightforward. It correspond to a really popular series movie and books back in the 2000’s.

I will try to remember to come back on Sunday to see if anyone guess it right. Otherwise, I will pose the name later.


My love for my pets.

pet collage


This assignment consist of taking photos of your favorite animals or your pets. It is worth  3 1/2 stars.

I got two cat, the fluffy grey  is Zeus, and the stripes one is Loki (like Norse God) and the dog is a mix of Labrador with German Shepherd and his name is Parker. Parker was a rescue dog from Atlanta. He is very active dog, and he is always so happy to see me.

Bucket List



For this assignment called The Bucket List worth 3 1/2 start. I had to create a collage of by bucket list.

1.- I want to take a trip to Europe just to go and see churches and cathedrals. I am not crazy, I took an art history class and half of it was about churches and cathedral in Europe. I want to go and take pic of them.

2. My dad is always bothering me about rafting, so I will like to go with him at least once and life to count it.

3.- I want to go to a haunted house. I am a coward but I think I can handle it if I got company.

4.- Finally, I will like to go for a hot air ballon ride. I will like it to be a forest and some mountain nears somewhere like Oregon will be nice.