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Vine Remix

This assignment is worth 3 stars and it asked me to make different videos in vine and put them all together in one video clip. I use my cellphone to do the vine videos and then I went online to get the video download to my computer and them upload them to YouTube.  I used the vine of me doing my DS106 homework, then making coffee, cleaning the sink that it always appears full, and the GPS that was going crazy.






I want first of all give credit to the creator of Twilight saga (movie) because I do not own the clip that I am using.

This assignment which is worth 3 stars asked us to create a video clip of our favorite character. I like Jacob, is the only character that I can like, I am sorry Edwards fans I do not like him one bit, and I am not a super fan of the Jacob either but he wins.  So for this assignment I use iMovie and I used one clip that I found in YouTube and some photos that I download from google, and using iMovie I added some music in the photo so that the transition between video clip and photo is  not silence void.


One of the assignment we have to do which was worth 0 star is to create a mini documentary. Because the professor suggest that we can link it to our host character I decide to conduct an interview with my host character. The lack of people to helps me made be do something pretty interesting, I used the OBS broadcasting software which I choose to share a twitter conversation (which it was me asking my host character question) and the other screen was the video camera of my laptop. I decided to do this because I did not have anyone else to help me to do this documentary and because I think it is similar as a webinars that are going around lately. I remember I had something similar for my anthropology class last semester. I uploaded the video to youtube where by my  surprise I notice I can add slide with letter either at the end or the beginning of the video which I did and as always I choose the music that youtube provide for the videoclips.

Lip-sync singing

This video assignment is worth 3.5 start and it only requires for you to lip sync singing your favorite song. I like Do I by Luke Bryan and I used it as a background, it was very funny to do this because I usually sing the song but I have never recorded my self. In the middle of the song/video I grab a color pen and used it as a microphone I was having fun. While I was trimming the video I saw that I can slow or speed the video, and because I think is even more funny I decided to speed the video so my voice (well Luke Bryan’s voice) sound weird. All this was done in YouTube creator studio which is really easy to use.


This video assignment is worth 4 stars and it prompt me to create an origami for Halloween. I know it is a little late for a Halloween origami but it is never too late for one. I create this assignment for the assignment bank and it will prompt a student to create a video of them creating and explaining how to create an origami for Halloween. I decided to create ghost origami because I did it previously and I though it was cute. The video does not look good because I shoot it using my laptop camera which explain the weird angle but I do not have anything else to record and if I use my cell phone I will not be able to use my two hands to do the origami. Then I uploaded the video to my YouTube account and I choose a music from them called How it Began, and I also choose a filter for the video just to change out of the color.

Make a tutorial

This video assignment is worth 4.5 stars, and it asked you to create a tutorial for your mother. I choose to create a tutorial of how to share your screen to my friend REspag because sometimes I want her to teach me some math and she can not do it. So first I look it up how to do it online and download the program from Google, because I needed it for another assignment. It was pretty easy to use and this will also cover one of the requirement to create a tutorial for the class. Once I recorded the video I uploaded to YouTube, and I am no going to describe what I did because it is recorded in the video.

Ebert’s Analysis-The Pantry Scene of The Shinning

This video assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars and I choose the scene of the pantry of The Shining is the same I choose for last week assignment. I love this scene because I can sense the metal deterioration that the main characters is going through. I explain the shooting angle and how the camera does not skip the shelve but instead it shoot them as if the camera was a person who was passing while keeping an eye on the main character. It also shows how the camera starts to back off the main character at the beginning of the scene. I did not realize it at the beginning but now I understand why is camera backing up instead of closing on the main character, It is because the camera (if it was a person) was showing that it was not safe to be around that person and that explain why the whole time the camera was playing or recording keeping a distant from the main character.

Nail polish falls

This video assignment is worth  4 stars and it prompt me to use Vine. It is the first time that I heard about Vine and I needed to download the app to my phone and it took me several attempt to figure it out how it works. I was doing my nail while I was looking through the assignment bank and for this reason, I decided that my nail polish will be moving and falling out of my desk. I used vine to record this video and then I uploaded to YouTube where I use the creator movie section to add the audio. The audio is available in the YouTube webpage and I choose it because I like it.

The Shinning-Pantry scene

We start the Pantry scene with a close up of the main character and then the camera starts to expand the angle of the shot to compass the the actor and he start to wake up after a nap. The focus of the camera goes wider, we can see how the actor  expresses discomfort in his ankle. The angle of the camera is at the same level of the actor which does not give us any specific of the state of mind or the attitude that the director is taking towards this scene. Then the camera follow the actor but it does it in a vertical way even though the stock of the pantry is in between. The camera follows the actor and it does not change the distant, and we can see how the actor is giving the back to the camera. He is acting as the camera is not there, and the camera is shooting as it can not move in any other way. Then the camera goes to start shooting to his right but the actor does not look into the camera, he keeps talking to an imaginary person who is outside the door.  The actor is at the left which is not a favorable or the strong axis, and we are also watching or observing the left side of the actor which is also not the strong side either. The whole scene is dark because the actor is getting crazy but the scene is still bright even thought it is inside the pantry. I think that the left side is preferable in this scene because it reflect the state of mind of the character and because the left is always refers as a the bad side, the wrong, or the less.

DIY Product Commercial

DIY Product Commercial which is worth 5 stars. I choose to do this because for this week we have to involve our host character into at least four star assignments. I remember that one of the assignment of last or two weeks ago was to create a radio commercial for the radio show. I choose to introduce the product Magical Sphere Diary and to go alone it I choose to do the Magical Square Diary, I change it to square because I could not create a sphere out of paper. Also, I went to Walmart and because it is Halloween I bought one masquerade to hide my identity which is not really hidden my identity to well,  but I did not wanted to wear something that will offend any one or and specific race, so I left it simple.