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Lord Of the Force


This Mashup assignment is worth 3.5 stars and we are asked to put two similar movies into one poster. I used the Lord of the Ring poster and incorporate Star Wars into the poster by changing Ring for Force and adding some of the Star Wars character into the poster as well as some light sabers. I am a huge fans of Star Wars so I am really excited about the new movie coming up. I have my tickets and I hope not to be disappointed. Back to the poster…. I used Photoshop to do some of the change and my cousin give me some ideas of how to do it.

Mash up to of your favorite pages


Two of my favorite thing are IOS and Windows; it may sound weird but I like both operatting systems and I can go in between them to do difference thing in both of them. What I decide to do for this assignment is to get the apple logo and apply the Windows colors, so I can create a new logo of both of them combine. It was pretty easy to apply the color to the apple and them apply the background color that resemble the background screen of a PC desktop.



This assignment is about your signature and it is worth 4 stars.  We had to draw or design a letter that represent our personality.  Repsag decided to to draw her signature in a piece of paper using black and purple because their are her favorite colors. The letter are PR back to back because it show that she used to have more than one name and personality. The signature, is not fill out completely because her life have been long but it is full of emptiness and missing important people.


Radio show poster

This assignment was to create a radio poster for the radio show we are working on. I choose to do something simple that will leave something to the imagination of the readers. For this reason I choose shadows, as to represent the broadcasters. Also, I said that we are going to present the best and the worst of 15 years of horror movies but I haven’t said which movies we are going to present because if  I do; the readers or the listener will not show interest in the show because they can go online and find the reviews for the movies on their own. I am trying to follow the guidelines giving by  Vignelli to keep it simple with the same time of letters and just changing the size, the color was chosen as orange because a black color will be miss in the poster.


This is my bumper sticker. I know I have seem them around before but I have never pay attention to them. So what I did is to use some of the shadow from the poster and add the name of the horror show, and increase the size of the radio name so people who see it will be prompted to tune the radio.


The logo for our show is shown above. I decided to do something simple and combine it with a little bit of Halloween spirit so I put three pumpkin head. I decided to do it in blacks and grey because we can put a nice or bright color as a background.

True Love

Summer of 1938, Caroline (aka Repasg) is currently a nurse in North Carolina. She arrive two years before to a small town in NC where she meet her 10th love Noah. She fell in love with him at first size. He was sitting behind him in mass, but she could feel the stares in the back of her head. She turned and found this good-looking guy, nice proportions staring at her with a big smile. She turn back to continue to pay attention to the mass. At the end of it, Noah approached her and they start dating.

December 1941, after the attack to Pearl Harbor, Noah enlisted in the army. He left Caroline in North Carolina waiting for him.

Some time passes, the news were not good, a lot of death bodies kept arriving, and some did not even appeared . She used to receive letters from Noah, but all the suddenly they stopped coming. However, she did not stop caring.

After several months, maybe 1 or 2 years had passed, she was sitting in her porch reading a book when she see a shadow approaching her. She could not believe it….Noah after all this months in her home, in front of her.

She runs as fast as she could, and the only thing she could do was to kiss him.

Noah: I am back!!!

Caroline: I can see that…

Noah: Please tell me, that I am not late…

Caroline:  for you-she pokes him in his nose -I do not care about time.

Noah: confused- I am on time?!

Caroline: yes silly, but I am not planning on waiting more for you anymore.

Noah: Will you marry me?

Caroline: She kiss him, and he hold her tight and lift her. Yes , I will.

At that moment someone snapped  a picture of the romantic moment Caroline lived, and it was handed down to her as a wedding gift.


For this assignment, we had to find a picture of a lovely couple in an lovely moment. We had to create a back story and a dialogue.

This  old picture it looks like the picture of the soldier when they came back home to meet their families. This photo is black and white (a little yellowish too) which give the impression of an old photo and because it fit my host character personality and history; I decided to used it. Also, the picture is simple, there is not a lot going in the background which gives the main focus to the emotion of the couple. As, I had said before the love story of soldier and a lady is the most common story that you can find, but it can also be the more complicated and with a lot of emotion. Service man can be one day with you and next day they can be deployed and depending on the situation (war or not) you may see them soon or no see them at all.

Newspaper Joke

This assignment is worth 3 1/2 stars, and it is to create a newspaper article that will make you laugh. One of the sample I look up was of a child in a spiderman costume, and my dog name is Parker. So I thought a good article will be if instead of Spiderman; we had Dogman because my dog has the same last name of Peter Parker.

I went only and look up newspaper generator, there are several one out there. However, I had it to transformed it to a picture file otherwise I could not upload it to the blog.

newspaper (2).pge-1

Make a maze……

This assignment is worth 2 starts and you have to create your own maze. I went only and type on Google (my best friend) maze generator and it took me to a webpage that helps you to create your maze. Them I went back to Google, and I went looking for our friend the Keeper of the Tales of Crypt. I tried it to get him into the background using Photoshop, I could not make it. I went to Microsoft Word (yes… is a weird choice) but MS Word let me do the background as transparency and then I could copy my maze in top. I choose a circle maze because all the maze are always square.  I also choose this assignment because it made me remember the garden maze  in the Shinning. I will print it in try to get it done.


One Story/ Four Icons

noun_5963_ccnoun_15871_cc  noun_85875_cc noun_139183_cc


One story/ four icons was one of the assignment that I choose to do and it is worth 3 stars. This assignment consist in putting a movie in four simple icons. I think it is like the game you try to guess the movie without talking. So, I choose a broom, cup, fire and hat. I went into the Noun Project and found the icons there for free. I started to search for the specific images that comes to my mind when I heard the title of the movie.

I am not going to tell the name of the movie, but it is pretty easy and straightforward. It correspond to a really popular series movie and books back in the 2000’s.

I will try to remember to come back on Sunday to see if anyone guess it right. Otherwise, I will pose the name later.