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Have fun…

The most important thing to remember when taking DS106 is to have fun and that you are never wrong you just make it in a different way. I learn a lot through out this class, I am a very shy person and this class took me out of my comfort zone. Another advice, do not leave work or the assignment for Friday night. If you can do one each day at the end of the week you are done and you just have to post your weekly review. Take notes of the days due… The professor are really nice and forgiven but we should abuse as I did forgetting to post my showcase and the last  TDC. If you are ever stuck in a assignment because you do not know if you are doing it right…JUST DO IT…. is not that you are wrong…but your creative side is different which is good.

ENJOY, HAVE FUN, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT….. I think are the best advice that I can give student for the next semester


I did not remember we have to do it by Friday and for this reason, I will apologize and I will only post one tutorial I need before which is related to a assignment. We needed to explain our mother to use technology I choose it to do a tutorial of sharing desktop while recording it at the same time, and especially for a MAC user.

There is the video/tutorial.

Assignment creation

The assignment I created for the FanFic Assigment is to put your host character and one important historical character (of your choice) to meet and to interact to each other. If you can make it fit to a real history event even better have fun…I did this assignment and it is call Jose de San Martin meets Respag (FanficAssignments, FanficAssignments1845)

One of the other assignment I create which can count as an tutorial and as assignment is the creation of a video of you doing origami. I choose to create a video showing my self of how to do a ghost origami. It can be any origami but if you choose to do this assignment and a holiday is near, try to connect them :). VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments1856



TDC Ideas….

I did not know we have to created a blog post for the TDC Ideas otherwise I would have done it through out the semester.

One of my ideas I submit was to Draw a cartoon of yourself while watching your reflection on the mirror. I think this can be adapted depending on the theme of the class for next semester.

My other suggestion is to get a picture of your face and add some animal print, or to add some details to your photo so it look like the face of an animal. I want it to be like the painting that they do on the face on the zoo to small children,

Final Project-Last week of classes….

Well, it was fast and painful…. sometimes. It was a good first semester and last fall semester as undergrad hopefully. It was a great class and a different at the same time. This class took me to bring my creative side which is not so big , to work for the content of the class. However, I enjoy every last minute of this class and how you were free to compose as you like with the assignment and the host character.

For my final project which I think is a short video (almost 4 minutes) where I borough most of my old assignment related to my host character and I made a mini documentary about my host character. I though it will be easy work but it was harder to do. One of the characteristic of my host character is that she have live for  a long time which make it a little difficult and easy to do a biography. It was easy because I was not limited but hard because I need to be careful with the chronology of the country and important event that occur in those years. For this reason I limited my self to some country where important historic event took place, and some are just because I like those country. For this project, I used GOOGLE Image for the pictures, Wikipedia (I know is wrong to used it but it was easy to find what was going on in a country  using Wikipedia); I also used iMovie and some of the sound effect that comes with the software.. Once I got all my pictures, I put it in chronological order, and then, I did a little bit of research to find important events to fit into my video. I know we have to include horror in some way into the project. For this reason; I created a newspaper article saying that my host character die during a fire. I know is not to horrific but I guess it will do.  I also created some fake diary entries and put some sound effect to the video.

I will leave you with my documentary and I hope you enjoy.

It was a pleasure to be in this class and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Final project progress 2

For this week progress, I went through some of my old assignment and I put then together i n a video. I still need to do the narrating and put some of the dates together. Also, I need to create a few more articles as I created for diary entries, and the fake newspaper article. I need to start working on in the narration and maybe adding a few more picture of the countries I choose. I think it will be a fine project at the end. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving….


Week 13 Summary

2015-11-20 16.11.39 12268594_10206969458290213_343567832_o

The final project, which I do not remember it was on the syllabus but that was so long ago that I do not remember. My plan for my final project, is to make the compilation of things photos, letters, video, voice, and other of things that narrates the story of my host characters. I think it will be like a biography  of the host character. There are some assignments that I can integrate into the video and some that I will have to create. For this week, I created two pages of a ‘diary’ that I came across. I have to sit and think of a way that I am going to handle it but I at least have a goal. 🙂

Weekly Summary 12

I do not want to call the bad luck or to say that we are having a very light load and them get hit with a lot of work because it is almost the end of the semester and it is getting crazier. So please if you are the professor in charge of giving us homework just skip down and do not read the above part. Thank you…

This week was mainly dedicated to mashup and remix. We have to do 10 stars in mashup and 2 remix. For the mashup, I did The lord of the force where I combine The Lord of the Ring with Star Wars in one movie poster.   Another mashup is two mix to favorite websites or brand I mix the logo of Apple with the color of Windows. Another mashup I did was to create a video of our favorite actor, the only character that I can think that I like is Jacob from Twilight Saga where I mixed video of his transformation with some of his pictures.  The last mashup I did to complete stars is to get a very important or ionic album cover and modified in a way that it looks different. For this reason, I took the album cover of the Thriller by Michael Jackson and I added a flowers bouquet that was a present to my host character.  The two remix I did this week is Vine Remix where I took small videos using Vine during the day to illustrate a typical day at home. The last remix was Old Place in Pink, I did is assignment before were my host character visited the Nijoh Palace but in this case I have to make it pink.

We were prompted to do three daily create and they are linked below.

Daily Create:

This daily create was a little bit confusing, I think it is always confusing when it comes to poetry because it is difficult to me to create something in a language that is not my native language. However, I tried my best and I hope that people like it.

This daily create we had to decorate or modify a boring picture or scenery and make it interesting. I was doing synthesis that week for my chemistry class. For this reason, I took a picture of the synthesis setting and I added flowers, and some grass to make it more appealing.

This daily create asked to create another poem to explain our purpose of life.I do not know if I have a  big purpose in life, but I know what I am doing now, I may not to the exact end but I know that I am in the right path or at least it looks like it. I have dreams they may not be of great luxury or fame but they are simple wishes that will compliment my life.



Lord Of the Force


This Mashup assignment is worth 3.5 stars and we are asked to put two similar movies into one poster. I used the Lord of the Ring poster and incorporate Star Wars into the poster by changing Ring for Force and adding some of the Star Wars character into the poster as well as some light sabers. I am a huge fans of Star Wars so I am really excited about the new movie coming up. I have my tickets and I hope not to be disappointed. Back to the poster…. I used Photoshop to do some of the change and my cousin give me some ideas of how to do it.