This video assignment is worth 4 stars and it prompt me to create an origami for Halloween. I know it is a little late for a Halloween origami but it is never too late for one. I create this assignment for the assignment bank and it will prompt a student to create a video of them creating and explaining how to create an origami for Halloween. I decided to create ghost origami because I did it previously and I though it was cute. The video does not look good because I shoot it using my laptop camera which explain the weird angle but I do not have anything else to record and if I use my cell phone I will not be able to use my two hands to do the origami. Then I uploaded the video to my YouTube account and I choose a music from them called How it Began, and I also choose a filter for the video just to change out of the color.

4 thoughts on “Origami”

  1. Thanks for the step by step video. I was able to keep up with you until a few steps after making the two triangles in the middle. But, I’ll keep trying.

  2. Origami seems so difficult! Well it was for me when we had to do the daily create last week. Your step by step video makes origami look so simple! Good job on demonstrating this.

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