Meeting Jose de San Martin


Jose de San Martin was the captain (the main person) who organize an army to liberate Argentina, Chile y Peru.

Hello, again my friends I am Repsag, I am taking again Melissa’s blog to write another story from one of my grand grand grand aunt. Her name was Teresa and she came to Peru around 1810 when Peru was a “colony” of Spain and the were talks about the Ejercito de los Andes which was going to start fighting to get independence from Spain. Peruvians were tired of paying high taxes and that they did not have the right to do as they please as Peruvian. They hated the idea of following governors that came from Spain and did not know about the reality of their life. Teresa just to be a bread maker for a small town in Lima, her days started early and they finished late because she had to leave everything ready for the following day. She was also the seller in the morning and one of those morning an unfamiliar costumer came. He looked different, she guessed it was either from another country or a Spaniard, he was not alone and they were talking. She tried to hear their talk and she did not like what they were talking. They were talking about independence, liberty and fighting. Those words are prohibited, if some Spaniard soldier or governor hear them you could end in prison or even dead because of treason. Teresa did not like the idea of selling bread to them, she did not like the idea of having them there.  She did wish that they could delivered freedom, but just the though of it make her have goosebumps. His name was Jose, and he was so polite to her; which is weird coming from a person that look like a Spaniard; he asked for a bunch of bread, and she delivered it because he looked like the guy who had money. He said: Thank you, and he left. Teresa came from the behind the counter to see the direction he was taking and found him giving away his bread to children and old people who were sitting in the street.  She did not think much about him, and some time pass, like a couple of years and he talk about a guy named Jose de San Martin, who was building an army came to her ears. She remember the weird guy that gave away his bread and for a brief moment she though it was him but she discard it. Little she need that he was the same Jose that will liberate Argentina, Chile and Peru.


This is one assignment that I have created and is call Meeting your favorite Historical character which is worth 3 starts. I decided to leave Repasg to account for one of her family memoir (it is actually her memoir). I decided to do Jose de San Martin because is one historical character that is important in the history of South America, he was one of the main people who started to fight for the independence of Peru, Argentina and Chile.

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