This is anMy name is Melissa, a Senior Chemistry Student at UMW. This academic year will be my last. I am from Peru, came to USA when I was fourteen. I have a terrible accent. I used to live in NJ where I went to high school, college and my first 3 years of university at Kean University. I love to read, listen music, shopping, yoga, spinning, difficult cooking recipe (it bring the chemist in me), 20150828_082406[1]stuffed animals. I love country music, bachata, salsa, heavy metal, scific, fantasy and some romantic books. My favorites books are The Notebook, The Choice, The Guardians (almost of Nicholas Sparks work until Longest Ride), Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Secrets of  Immortal Nicholas Flammel, The Host, and others…My favorite movies are Star War, V for Vendetta,  The Last Samurai, all of the Mummy, and other I can not remember now.

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