Week 10 -Summary

Week 10 is focus in video but in a very diferent prespertive, we are reading the movies instead of watching. We are being more critical and we are starting to watch the movie and focusing more in the lighting, shooting angles, and if the video composing follows the rule of 3. For the video easy , I decided to review the pantry scene of The Shinning. The assignments for this week were all related to video and 4 star of video assignment needed to be related to the host character. The assignment that I created using my host character was The square Magical Diary commercial, the other two video assignment that I produce to satisfy the 10 start was Singing words, and video copilation of person skiing downhill.

Daily Create:

Monday: For this dc we have to create an add, I decided that big foot lost one of his boot and he is looking for it. I am really bad at drawing   and it does not look like a boot at all.


Tuesday: I think this dc is about a place that makes me feel comfortable, my comfortable place is sitting on my carpet drinking coffee while doing homework.

Wednesday: We have to create a board game using just one paper. I remember to play a game in my phone where we have to help the avatar to go through obstacle  either by jumping or putting something so he does not fall.

Thursday: We have to do a hirigami and I mistake it by origami so I did a origami of a ghost it was pretty good even though it was a mistake.

Friday: We have to narrate a movie in one minute or 30 seconds, so I describe the movie Safe Haven is a book as well as movie by Nicholas Sparks.



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The Shinning-Pantry scene

We start the Pantry scene with a close up of the main character and then the camera starts to expand the angle of the shot to compass the the actor and he start to wake up after a nap. The focus of the camera goes wider, we can see how the actor  expresses discomfort in his ankle. The angle of the camera is at the same level of the actor which does not give us any specific of the state of mind or the attitude that the director is taking towards this scene. Then the camera follow the actor but it does it in a vertical way even though the stock of the pantry is in between. The camera follows the actor and it does not change the distant, and we can see how the actor is giving the back to the camera. He is acting as the camera is not there, and the camera is shooting as it can not move in any other way. Then the camera goes to start shooting to his right but the actor does not look into the camera, he keeps talking to an imaginary person who is outside the door.  The actor is at the left which is not a favorable or the strong axis, and we are also watching or observing the left side of the actor which is also not the strong side either. The whole scene is dark because the actor is getting crazy but the scene is still bright even thought it is inside the pantry. I think that the left side is preferable in this scene because it reflect the state of mind of the character and because the left is always refers as a the bad side, the wrong, or the less.

DIY Product Commercial

DIY Product Commercial which is worth 5 stars. I choose to do this because for this week we have to involve our host character into at least four star assignments. I remember that one of the assignment of last or two weeks ago was to create a radio commercial for the radio show. I choose to introduce the product Magical Sphere Diary and to go alone it I choose to do the Magical Square Diary, I change it to square because I could not create a sphere out of paper. Also, I went to Walmart and because it is Halloween I bought one masquerade to hide my identity which is not really hidden my identity to well,  but I did not wanted to wear something that will offend any one or and specific race, so I left it simple.



Signing Words


Another video that I decided to create for this week is Signing Words which is worth 3.5 stars.  I choose this assignment because I think that it is important for us to understand at least the basic of sign communication and to raise awareness about the difficulties that deaf and mute people go through life. While I was doing this assignment I got a sign alphabet in one of my windows for reference and I did trials before recording. However, it came up choppy because I am not use to do it. I do not know how people can carry on a whole conversation just using signs. In one of high school classes there was a deaf girl, she could not hear , she did talk but it was difficult to understand her at the beginning but I got used to listening to her and to talk slow so she could read my lips. I wish I was mature enough at that time to take a little bit of my time to try to learn how to use language sign with her.

I used YouTube video recorder and I choose one of their music track to add music to the video. The music makes me remember to the cartoon music when a character was doing something that he could not do right or something goofy. I choose it because I was sloppy in the sign language but I do not mean to offend anyone. I just felt clumsy trying to said Hi ds106 my name is Melissa!…

Copilation Video

This video assignment is a compilation video and it is worth 3.5 stars. I went only and got a couple of video of the olympics and a basic video for skiing. I choose olympic videos because they are awesome, and I end it up as a beginner because I thought it will be funny. Then I use iMovie to do the editing which it took me 30 minutes to figure it up. Then iMovie have awesome music library which I use to put a background music. This program allow me to detach the audio of the video without any problem. I choose ski because I love to ski and because the weather is kind of cool now. So skiing down the hill is awesome and it fit my needs to go skiing this winter.

Week 9-Radio and Host characters

Week 9 was pretty laid back if I have not left all my work for the last minute because I had to do some lab reports. Part of this week was to listen to the radios how of my peers, it was pretty good and everyone had a difference perspective for the radio show. There were a couple of groups that decided to do movie review but each group took a different approach which was pretty good. I really enjoyed to work with my group they were very creative and on time in all the deadlines that we set. It was a pretty good experience. We have to reflect about a radio show and I choose the last radio show, I am really bad with the names so I apologize because I do not remember the name. However, you did an AMAZING job and I really enjoy it.

Another part  of this week was to complete 10 stars of any category in the assignment bank but it have to be related to the host characters. It was pretty good, because I am running out of ideas to do. Also, I took the time to create another assignment, which name is Meeting your favorite historical person (3 stars), I choose to meet Jose de San Martin which helps Peruvians to get their independence. Another assignment that I did was your favorite building where my host character choose to visit Nijoh castle in Kyoto Japan, which was worth 3 stars. For the final four characters I decided to do signature because the other two were writing assignment and I was dying to draw something.

My three daily create are:

This daily create was to draw dancing or moving nature. I decided to draw a tree dancing Hula. Now I am thinking that I should have draw a Palm tree better.

For this daily create we have to show are moves. I am not a big fan of dancing. So I decided that my fingers could do the dancing for me.


We have to do a poster for our invented 8th day of the week, I decided to create a Pre-Monday were I can start preparing for Monday morning by chilling in the sofa watching tv, I should that on Sunday but I am basically getting the house in order for the week so it does not look so messy.


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Reflection on radio show

I want to apologize for not remembering the name of your radio show. I listened to it after our radio show on  Thursday. However, you left a really good impression because your show sounded it like a real radio show. There were different parts that I enjoy, once of them is how the presented interacted with each other making seen real. and the best part was how they started to  take calls on air about their paranormal experience. It was a pretty structure radio show, however; I think one small problem you run into it is that you forgot to give us a number to call, I think if you have done it. The whole experience would have been super. I really enjoy all your show and  the content of your show. Your radio show went outside the norm that I listen on the other radio show and it was a good end to the presentation of the shows.



This assignment is about your signature and it is worth 4 stars.  We had to draw or design a letter that represent our personality.  Repsag decided to to draw her signature in a piece of paper using black and purple because their are her favorite colors. The letter are PR back to back because it show that she used to have more than one name and personality. The signature, is not fill out completely because her life have been long but it is full of emptiness and missing important people.


Strip it down as Shakespeare

For this daily create we have to talk like Shakespeare; I did not enjoy this daily create because I can not do it correctly. I am not a native English speaker and for me to speak with old English or read it is kind of difficult. I do enjoy Shakespeare in my native language. I choose to translate the whole lyrics in an online tool I found that translate any text to Old English.. so here it goes

alloweth t vade to black
alloweth me runneth mine digits down thy back
alloweth whisper, let’s don’t talk
Baby, leaveth mine T-shirt in the hall

Like a needle findeth a groove,
Baby, we’ll recall what to doth
To drown out every distraction,
It’s time we madeth t befall

Strip t down, strip t down
Back to thee and me like t hath used to beest
at which hour twas an fusty back road with an fusty school beat
Cowboy boots by thy little bare feet
alloweth t out, telleth me right now

Meeting Jose de San Martin


Jose de San Martin was the captain (the main person) who organize an army to liberate Argentina, Chile y Peru.

Hello, again my friends I am Repsag, I am taking again Melissa’s blog to write another story from one of my grand grand grand aunt. Her name was Teresa and she came to Peru around 1810 when Peru was a “colony” of Spain and the were talks about the Ejercito de los Andes which was going to start fighting to get independence from Spain. Peruvians were tired of paying high taxes and that they did not have the right to do as they please as Peruvian. They hated the idea of following governors that came from Spain and did not know about the reality of their life. Teresa just to be a bread maker for a small town in Lima, her days started early and they finished late because she had to leave everything ready for the following day. She was also the seller in the morning and one of those morning an unfamiliar costumer came. He looked different, she guessed it was either from another country or a Spaniard, he was not alone and they were talking. She tried to hear their talk and she did not like what they were talking. They were talking about independence, liberty and fighting. Those words are prohibited, if some Spaniard soldier or governor hear them you could end in prison or even dead because of treason. Teresa did not like the idea of selling bread to them, she did not like the idea of having them there.  She did wish that they could delivered freedom, but just the though of it make her have goosebumps. His name was Jose, and he was so polite to her; which is weird coming from a person that look like a Spaniard; he asked for a bunch of bread, and she delivered it because he looked like the guy who had money. He said: Thank you, and he left. Teresa came from the behind the counter to see the direction he was taking and found him giving away his bread to children and old people who were sitting in the street.  She did not think much about him, and some time pass, like a couple of years and he talk about a guy named Jose de San Martin, who was building an army came to her ears. She remember the weird guy that gave away his bread and for a brief moment she though it was him but she discard it. Little she need that he was the same Jose that will liberate Argentina, Chile and Peru.


This is one assignment that I have created and is call Meeting your favorite Historical character which is worth 3 starts. I decided to leave Repasg to account for one of her family memoir (it is actually her memoir). I decided to do Jose de San Martin because is one historical character that is important in the history of South America, he was one of the main people who started to fight for the independence of Peru, Argentina and Chile.