My essence…:)

Let me tell you that when I read about the daily create assignment in twitter today I was like…. mmmmh…. just one minute is not enough to describe what is important to me. During the day, I was thinking about it what is important in my life and I came with a lot of things that I could put into a video. However, there were a lot of people who could not be recorder either because their are no longer with me or because they are far away like my parents, and brothers.

So if I can put my essence in a minute video it will come as follow:

  1. My husband, he is the best, he offers his help whenever he sees me suffering but if he sees that I can handled it he will leave me alone to try my best.
  2. Sweets, my mother is a baker so I grew around sweets pastries, cakes, cheesecakes, pies, etc.
  3. Reading, I enjoy it and my favorite is fantasy mix with fiction.
  4. Yoga is good for my back  and is so relaxing that I had fall asleep during the relaxation period (basically at the end of the class where the instructor turn off the lights).
  5. Spin,  I just discover this exercise last winter, and I love it. It makes me sweat as crazy.
  6. Cycling, this is also new and I am working into a good habit.
  7. Chemistry is my major and the reason that I spent late nights studying as crazy.
  8. Lab, I love research and medical laboratories. It is challenging because you can repeat a procedure or a test more than once a get different result each time.
  9. Stuffed animals, I am a girl come up! guys stuffed animal is always a great gift 🙂
  10. Handbags, well again I am a girl and I love handbags.

I hope this post will help you (my fellow ds106 students) to know me a little bit more 🙂




Week One Summary

DS106 is challenging, at least for me. I am not a big fan of social media. However, I do use Facebook, but Flickr, YouTube, sound cloud and twitter are new for me. I am not an outgoing person so posting my introduction in YouTube was kind of scary.

During these week I learned how to install WordPress. I made my first tweet during the daily create and even made a video clip with sound background for my introduction. When I saw the syllabus and I start reading all the things that we have to do. I was ready to quit because it looks overwhelming but when you start doing it step by step is easy.

I think that the only good exposure that I had as a child of graphic horror was Tales from the Crypt. I also listened to stories that my grandparents, uncles and even my own parents told me after a dinner. I think that many of the horror movies that we have today are not scary because of the content. They are scary because of the sound effect. The sound effects are the one that made me jump out seat.

Here is what I think about DS106

Some of my tweet this week:


During these week I had two creation, one is from soundcloud and the other is my YouTube video.

My blog post:

Mysterious men…..Scary Story

First let me tell you something about my family and myself. I am from Peru and my family comes from the countryside of Peru. I remember as we grow up (brother, and cousin) how my family just to narrated stories about ghost, bride walking at night wearing wedding dress or children that went missing in the rice field.For this occasion I am going to tell a stories that I heard from my grandfather.

He used to be a security guard a bank. So basically he was the only one left at the bank at the end of the night. I let me remind you that this was long time ago (he would be 89 years old). He said that one night he was walking around the bank around 3 a.m.  so he does not fall asleep. He was almost finishing his round and returning to his desk when he saw a tall men wearing a black suit and hat and smoking something like a cigarette. He was shock because there was no one else inside the bank at that time. So he walks fast and he was aiming for his shoulder. When he tried to reach for the shoulder, he hit the chair and the mysterious men disappear in thin air. He said that he could wait for his shift to be over because from where we comes from there is a notion that a mean in black suit and hat and smoking represent the devil.


Nightmare On Elm Street….

Creepshow was my first horror movie in a while, I am more into reading that watching movies. However, as I child, I remember to watch Cuentos de la Cripta (in Spanish) or Tales from Crypt with my brother. My brother and my cousin love to go to watch all these movies that comes around October because of Halloween and I will be more scared of the sound effect than of the actual movie itself. I remember watching Annabel and laughing at some scene instead of been scared. However, I can not stand to see Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday the 13th alone. I think these movies have a good combination of horror and suspend.